Conservative Talkers Mislabel Trump as an Insurgent

I never thought I’d say this, certainly about things political, but in my opinion, Rush is wrong – wrong about Donald Trump. He’s not the only one. Other conservative talkers appear to have the same opinion of The Donald.

Brent Smith

Trump and Cruz have been labeled by Rush, Hannity and others as the two outsiders – the two “insurgent” candidates. I think everyone agrees on the right and left that this accurately describes Ted Cruz. Everyone whose life and livelihood is directly dependent on the federal government hates and fears him. He’s been an ardent originalist for his entire adult life. And what scares them most is that Cruz is NOT a dealmaker.

Trump, on the other hand, is a recent and rather radical convert to the conservative movement. Every position he holds so dear today is directly opposed to his positions of years gone by. Now, this would be fine if The Donald could adequately describe his transformation. But he doesn’t. He merely claims that he is the most conservative on the border and healthcare and education, etc. It’s his supporters who simply choose to believe because they want so badly to do so. Obama supporters did the same thing.

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He says one has to be flexible in dealing with both republicans and democrats and that the president must be able to bring everyone together. He tells us it’s something that Cruz is not capable of doing – that he gets along with no one in Washington, therefore nothing will get done.

Trump prides himself on being the greatest dealmaker on the planet. He says great deal making means finding common ground with your opponents. Trump says he, by the sheer force of will, should be able to bring everyone together to get things done. Well, democrats and the establishment should be thrilled by this.

In the eyes of both – who is greatest impediment to “progress” in D.C.? That’s right – the conservative movement. And who has been the driving force of the conservative movement? Right again – Talk radio and the growing influence of us conservatives on the Internet. And who do both democrats and establishment republicans both hate and fear more than Iran, North Korea and ISIS? Right again – conservatives.

This is why I don’t understand the establishment. They appear to be buying the same line of crap that has been put forth by many conservative talkers and pundits – that Trump, like Cruz, has been deemed an insurgent candidate – an outsider. By virtue of him never holding elected office and that he doesn’t reside in or near D.C. somehow makes him insurgent? That makes no sense.

Candidates have always been held to account for things they’ve said and done in the past. Yet Trump is evidently immuned from both past and present transgressions. None of his past positions seem to matter – whether from 20 years ago or two.

Trump’s ego appears to drive most of his decisions – it’s why he insists on putting his name to and on everything. It’s why everything he does is the biggest and greatest. It’s why he can quote every poll in the nation that shows him leading the pack.

Ego can be a dangerous thing. Combine ego with the awesome power of the president and you have the potential for a tyrant. If not a full-on tyrant, than certainly another Woodrow Wilson. You may learn more of Wilson here and here. If you choose not to review the two links, just know Wilson was an evil S.O.B.

And that brings us back to conservative talk radio and the internet. Trump has demonstrated more times than one can count, his penchant for turning on anyone who defies him, or frankly even questions him. He takes it as a personal attack when someone disagrees with him or questions his history.

If he could he would shut down every dissenting voice, but as a private citizen, there’s not much he can do but threaten to sue, which he does often. But what will happen when president Trump gains the full weight and power of the federal government. What could he then do to we who question or defy him?

I don’t know if Rush thinks maybe he would be exempt from the wrath of a president Trump or even if he, Sean and others have thought in those terms, but they should.

Rush tried to reassure an anti-Trump caller just yesterday that the republicans and democrats so hate Trump that if he were elected they would block any and all of his agenda. I wouldn’t be so sure. I believe the great dealmaker could find a common enemy and unite Washington. He already has one. And that common enemy is us, should we be bold enough to challenge him. I could easily see Trump aligning with the dems and the establishment to reinstitute the fairness doctrine which they’ve wanted for years, as a bargaining chip to push threw his agenda items. This would be a deal they could all live with. Trump gets what he wants and they all get something in return – effectively shutting down all dissenting viewpoints, including nationally syndicated talk radio. It’s a win-win!

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