If Conservatives Want To Change America, We Need To Embrace Boycotts

If Conservatives Want To Change America, We Need To Embrace Boycotts

My latest Townhall column is called, If Conservatives Want To Change America, We Need To Embrace Boycotts Here’s an excerpt from the column.


Liberals have already co-opted Hollywood and our education system; so it’s no secret that the deck is stacked against conservatives in America. However, liberals have also started to pull corporate America to the Left as well. The world’s most powerful corporations are standing against mom and pop Christian bakeries that don’t want to participate in gay weddings and threatening states that don’t want grown men using the bathroom with little girls. While corporations tend to favor whichever politician is in power, they are much more likely to give money to overtly liberal groups than conservative ones. Even ESPN, the all sports network, has a liberal bent. Politically, you can say anything if it’s to the left of center, but Curt Schilling was fired for having a conservative point of view.

This may seem puzzling to a lot of people. After all, don’t corporations want lower tax rates, less regulations and business- friendly politicians in charge of the country? They do, but you have to keep in mind that Republicans are cheap dates. We don’t stop trying to cut the corporate tax rate or pushing to get rid of ridiculous regulations even in cycles when businesses give heavily to Democrats. So in essence, many corporations undoubtedly believe giving money to Democrats is a win/win. The Democrats may slam corporations at every opportunity, but they can be bought off while the Republicans will stay friendly no matter what the corporations do. All this leads to most corporations being very mercenary about which politicians they fund.

However, the incentives are different once you get outside of overt political giving because corporations are very sensitive to anything that may tarnish their reputation or hurt their sales.

So, who’s easily offended by things corporations do? Liberals.

Who’s going to protest if they don’t like a group a corporation is giving money? Liberals.

Who’s going to boycott if a corporation does something they don’t like? Liberals.


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