Dancing a Little Jig on Progressive’s Shattered Dreams

What a week!

It won’t end up being a week where people ask you “Where were you when…” as you drink beers 20 years from now. But the recall election results in Wisconsin were like Christmas in June. There’s something about tears of disappointment from liberal progressives that makes my liberty-loving heart smile.

How awesome was that? And by awesome I mean hilarious. Any time you make a guy: wearing a Boston Red Sox hat cry: by voting against a Democrat union stooge it’s a good day. There was one bright spot for Leftists on election night…MSNBC, while still embarrassingly trounced by Fox News, scored high ratings for their prime time DNC talking-points-spewers. Those high numbers can be traced to the record number of conservatives who tuned in to enjoy reality wiping the smirks off their collective faces as they were forced to announce Gov. Scott Walker had won.

If you watched closely, I swear you could see on their faces the harsh reality setting in. First, they were picked last in every gym class every day. Then, they had to take their cousins to prom. And now, the unpopularity of their political philosophy put them back in the same dark, awkward place. It didn’t last long. They stomped it back down faster than Daffy Duck stomps down Bugs Bunny when they pop out of the ground in a cavern full of gold. But it was there. And it was glorious.(Here’s a video compilation. Enjoy.)

You almost have to feel bad for the young progressives in Wisconsin. They really believed their own press. These children of the unearned high-self-esteem culture never before had truly confronted reality. They’d spent their lives with their psyche encased in bubble wrap and covered in participation ribbons. The notion they might not get what they want simply because they want it was as foreign to them as personal responsibility is to President Obama. Not anymore.

They’ve now been confronted with the fact you don’t get what you want by simply demanding it — that refusing to shower, acting obnoxious, chanting and drum circling as if these things matter do not amount to a campaign strategy.

Most won’t learn the lesson. They’ll just chant louder and drum circle harder next time. But some may wise up and realize their neighbors who voted for Walker aren’t the devil and fiscal sanity isn’t the moral equivalent of the holocaust. And they’ll begin to question whether the lies they’ve taken out massive student loans out to be spoon-fed actually are engraved on Mt. Sinai.

It’s unlikely the percentage of protesters who will wise up reaches double-digits. But if only one person opens his mind, it will have been worth the tens of millions of dollars in forced union dues the bosses spent to not only retain Gov. Walker but give him a larger victory and more solid mandate than when he was first elected.

And to those protesters/union goons/radical anti-American Leftists who learned nothing, I have this to say: You spent the last six months with a small group of bussed-in, like-minded drones chanting “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!” Putting aside the fact that we’re a representative republic — not a democracy — and ignoring that you should sue whoever educated you for malpractice, the humiliating loss you suffered on Tuesday is, in fact, what democracy looks like. You can’t spend all that time demanding “the people’s voice be heard” then plug your ears and scream “la la la” when they speak.

You’re free to not like what they have to say. But the excuse-making and lies you tell each other to justify the discomfort you still feel from collective butt-kicking you just endured (such as that you were out-spent when you weren’t) is unbecoming a 5-year-old. Then again, your public months-long temper tantrum is what we’d expect from a 5-year-old. So maybe it is fitting.

A Quick Note on a Few Books

This week and next are a great time for books.

David Limbaugh has a new one, The Great Destroyer. He was kind enough to send me a signed copy (which was really cool). Once I picked it I couldn’t put it down, and that’s a feat considering its size. He’s compiled the best case against the Obama administration I’ve read. It’s all you’ll need to convince fence-sitting friends. To call it important doesn’t do it justice. It’s a book you will return to time and again for reference between now and November. It will help you change or influence minds. I couldn’t do the book justice in a longer review; there’s simply too much good in it to summarize. Just know it’s the single best compilation of President Obama’s actions in the last two years and a book you’ll wear out with dog-ears and highlighter. To put it bluntly — buy it, read it, use it. It will help you, help us, win.

My good friend Kurt Schlichter released an e-book based on his Twitter feed called “I’m a Conservative: Uncensored, Undiluted and Absolutely Un-PC.” Kurt is a former comedian, lawyer and a Colonel in the Army Reserve. But don’t hold the lawyer against him. Although he’s one hell of a lawyer, he’s still a great comedian. It’s a fast read and a hilarious one. If you like to laugh, especially at liberals, and aren’t interested in the politically correct garbage or leftist propaganda that passes for comedy these days, check out Kurt’s book. It’ll be the best $2.99 you’ll spend all week…especially considering, thanks to President Obama, gas costs more than that.

Speaking of politically incorrect, Adam Carolla has a new book out this Tuesday called “Not Taco Bell Material.” I haven’t gotten it yet, but it’s pre-ordered and should be here the day it comes out. If it’s half as good as his last one, “In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks,” it will be awesome. His humor isn’t for everyone, especially people who don’t like “salty” language (in which case it’s a good thing I have an editor here because I swear like it’s an Olympic event sometimes), but those of you who aren’t bothered by such things and just like a good laugh, Carolla is for you. You’re probably already familiar with hisrant about the Occupy Wall Street mutants: (if not you should be), but he’s also the world’s most downloaded podcaster and a guy who loves telling government to leave us the hell alone. He’s recently started doing “conversation shows” with Dennis Prager (who has his own book out now) in theaters around California, soon the country — and they’re every bit as thought-provoking as they are hilarious.Do yourself a favor, click here: and listen to him and Prager talk for an hour about morality, taxes, self-esteem, race and a whole host of other topics. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose. He’s a major influence on me, so if you find any enjoyment in my rantings and ramblings, give Adam a try. There aren’t many free-market lovers in the entertainment business, and fewer still with a razor-sharp sense of humor. Carolla is both…and more.

That is all. Go about your week.

Derek Hunter is Washington, DC based writer, radio host and political strategist.

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