Dear Republican Party

Dear Republican Party

You might not know who I am.:  I don’t have a huge profile but I’m tapped into something that you had better pay attention to.:  For too long both political parties have gotten caught up in the political game.:  I’ve been a good soldier on your team, not the best, but a stand out.:  A lot of people listen to me and I’ve built that communication the hard way traveling, speaking, and meeting people.:  People who know me understand that I didn’t just tell people that Mitt Romney couldn’t beat Barack Obama but I did everything in my power to stop his nomination.:  Despite my reservations, after he was nominated, I offered to do whatever I could to help.: :  I tried to help him bridge the gap with the Tea Party by throwing the Unity Rally at the convention in Tampa where he couldn’t find the time to share a stage with Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, other distinguished members of the Tea Party and a few thousand supportive and influential Floridians.

My team didn’t have the resources to compete at the Presidential level, plain and simple.:  We were cast aside but we didn’t take it personally, you had won and so you got to set the game plan and lay the agenda.: :  While you were busy paying attention to your targeted ad buys, we kept networking personally with incredible people around the country.

Nearly all of you ignored the Day of Resistance rallies a few weeks ago but they were pretty spectacular.:  More than 125 rallies took place attended by as many as thousands of people and as few as one patriot standing alone to make his voice heard.:  Not one single accident happened, not one gun was accidentally discharged despite many people open carrying and not one citation was issued.: :  Many of you took this opportunity to speak to the people you represent and they will remember that.:  One person who put himself out on the limb by doing a national video was Senator Rand Paul!:  We figure we turned out between 75,000 and 100,000 people despite a nearly universal blackout in the national media.: and Matthew Boyle had enough sense to give us some coverage but nearly everyone else shut us out.:  Here are some highlights of the thousands of amazing pictures







These weren’t just rallies, they were people willing to go out into the community and talk to anyone who would listen. This guy in Texas was a rally of one and damn proud of it!

In Maryland they did a patriotic flash mob and distributed material to people who took notice. You really want to take all these people on?

You have a choice to make as a party.:  We have no real loyalty to the party of Lindsey Graham and John McCain. We have very little confidence in John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.:  They have allowed Obama to set the agenda for too long, they are tactically weak.

Our movement just had our Rick Santelli moment where the conservative all-star team in the Senate filibustered on an issue with broad bi-partisan appeal on the street even if not inside your silly Washington bubble.:  The growing police state is a big concern to a lot of people of both parties and the damage of the corruption and graft inside Washington has violently disrupted many of our lives.:  We’re pissed.

So you have a choice to make.

Are you going to hand over the reigns of the key public positions in the Senate to guys like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Marco Rubio or do you keep the tired and old leaders like Graham, McCain, and McConnell in charge?

Are you going to hand the reigns of the House over to guys like Justin Amash, Raul Labrador, and Paul Ryan or do you keep the yawn fest of Boehner and Cantor in charge?

Regardless of what you do with leadership you better start making a show out of deliberating on serious policy, publicly.:  These people are extremely angry about the gun laws that are being proposed and passed in some places and many of us are angry about government intrusion into other areas of our lives.:  If you don’t start producing a national debate and proposals on things like reducing the police state, reigning in banking corruption, and rolling back unconstitutional authority by doing things like simplifying the tax code and returning regulatory authority back to the Cities, Counties, and States. Our allegiance with you is finished.

No matter what you do we are going to follow the lead of this incredible City Council Woman I met while speaking in Clear Lake, TX, and get city councils around the country to pass laws nullifying any bill of rights infringements.:  We are then going to learn from the folks in Wyoming and Montana and move our fight to our State Capitols.


A revolution is brewing.:  There is no patience for political hacks of any party.:  I suggest you take a look at the list of people who showed up to #StandWithRand and figure out a way to get them in front of every podium and press conference you can get your hands on, my suggestion would be to put them in leadership, but I’m just an organizer.: :  You can find a list in this incredible op-ed by Rand Paul

Here’s looking forward to an incredible 2014!

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