Delaware Shooting Illustrates Meaningless of Gun Control Laws

Welcome to Delaware, reader. While “our own” Joe Biden was promoting government control of your gun accessories in the nearby major media market of Philadelphia, network, local and national press reporters wheeled into “DelaWhere?” to document the horrible carnage of a most violently dysfunctional custody and child support battle.

The shooter, Thomas Matusiewicz, was father to David Matusiewicz, who four years ago kidnapped his own three children to South America aided by Thomas’ wife, David’s mother. Both mother and son were captured and sent to jail. David was relieved of all parental rights.

Early conjecture was that David was the shooter, having arrived at the Court of Common Pleas for a child support hearing. People presumed he was ineligible to buy a gun legally and had no problem buying one illegally.

His dad was the shooter.

Both Vice President Biden and his son, Delaware State Attorney Beau Biden, made public statements to brightly lit cameras while Joe was promoting new government gun controls to stem such violence, such as background checks that successfully kept the Sandy Hook shooter from buying a gun. You recall he had to steal the guns from his mother.

Without a criminal background or psychological report to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), there would be no reason Thomas Matusiewicz would be denied a gun permit. And if such information does exist, how difficult would it be for him to acquire a gun illegally or exact his psychotic revenge with homemade weapons, explosives or incendiaries as used by Andrew Kehoe in the worst school massacre in U.S. history? This is not an argument against background checks. It’s a reality check. Neighbors report Thomas owned a collection of guns.

What about better security at courthouses?

This shooting took place in the lobby where people line up for security checks, metal detectors and x-ray machines. The next solution would be to put all of that security at the front door outside the lobby in the rain and snow where the rare madman would still be able to kill his victim in line… or on the sidewalk… or in the parking garage… etc.

The really big combined “school safety” and “gun violence” push by Democrats is to outlaw magazines that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition and “assault weapons.” They say this would save lives since it takes a few seconds for shooters to load a new ammo magazine between rounds of shooting. How is an assault weapon different from any other rifle that shoots the same size round? It “looks” more aggressive.

This is the really big Biden-Obama solution. How would this have saved lives at the Wilmington, Delaware Court of Common Pleas? Let’s review: A demented killer buys guns legally or illegally regardless of his background and is unencumbered by federal government limits on rifles and magazines because…

He used a handgun.

Instead of spending millions of dollars to promote an agenda that will be as successful at stopping gun violence as the legendary Washington, D.C. and Chicago, gun ban failures, politicians need to stop pandering and concentrate on actually protecting people in ways that are meaningful to addressing the problem, not meaningful to hyperventilating campaign contributors and low-information voters.

A random maniac like Matusiewicz is unlikely to be stopped before he draws his weapon. As for protecting schoolchildren, how about ground floor emergency exits in schools and engineering 911 technology so teachers and students can send silent text messages to police and employing friendly, trained security professionals licensed to carry like they do at the school President Obama’s children attend?

One last note: The Delaware Capitol Police did their job. Two officers were wounded while protecting the rest of the crowd after Matusiewicz ambushed his two primary targets. One officer’s bullet hit Matusiewicz. He then committed suicide with his own weapon.

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