The Deleterious Democrats

I wish someone would slowly, meticulously and carefully explain what I cannot fathom. Why would an otherwise reasonably bright American be a member of the Democratic Party? Fat cats and hustlers like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and their anointed disastrous leader; Barack Hussein Obama should be abhorred for promoting an ideology that trumpets individual rights and self-respect. Please explain to me why anyone would support a party whose constituency is not encouraged to achieve independence and greatness. Democrats believe they know what is good for you. Their party has long been responsible for expansion of the social welfare state trapping millions into a life of dependency.

William Pollack1

The Democratic Party thrives on accusing others of racism, class warfare and divisiveness typically disguised with feel good sound bites well researched by highly paid focus groups and PR firms. Pity those who fall for the snake oil sales pitches delivered by its politicians primarily responsible for financing virtually every negative social issue in America.

Seldom revealed in most of today’s common core history books, the Republican Party was created during the Civil War to oppose slavery which democrats coveted.  The Ku Klux Klan was a product of southern democrats designed to terrify freed black slaves and intimidate republicans from defending those with their new found freedom. But you say that was long ago and not of today’s Democratic Part? I beg to differ.

Throughout the 50’s and early 60’s, the democrats blocked civil rights legislation until President Johnson was able to forge “the Great Society” disaster. Johnson vowed that passage of this national welfare program would “have those n—–s voting democrat for the next 200 years”.

Rather than new neighborhood schools and small business development incentives which would have provided vocations, earning power and a sense of accomplishment, “projects” were built in the inner cities to house mainly black families. Welfare programs created and still in use today financially rewarded irresponsible childbearing in single parent homes. The greater number of kids, the more the taxpayer was forced to pony up. Eventually, drugs and crime infiltrated those projects and millions of inner city lives were and continue to be devastated.  In 1960, less than 30% of African American children were born into a one parent household. Today, that number exceeds 70%. Johnson’s “great society” shamefully destroyed so many American black families. Yet, as Johnson predicted, this constituency is the Democrat’s most loyal supporter; a vote bartered and guaranteed by continued government financing of the welfare state.

Even though the “The War on Poverty” was lost long ago, its victims continue to provide millions of Democratic votes. Referencing the Republicans during the 2012 presidential campaign, gaff prone Joe Biden exclaimed “they wanna put ya’ll back in chains”. Accusing Republicans of such is tantamount to the old “pot calling the kettle black” cliché’ for it is the Democratic Party that still practices modern day technical enslavement just to guarantee a vote. What dreadful disrespect and ill treatment of those who support in droves that political party.

Again I ask why?

Perhaps Tuesday, November 4th, enough votes will be cast for Republicans to control the House and Senate which will begin the road toward economic recovery, a return of strong American leadership and a loosening of those chains of perpetual dependency, now long overdue.

William Pollack is radio, television and movie theater owner with locations throughout the United States. He is based in Memphis, TN.

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