Democrats Plan To Rant About Evil Banks From Bank of America Stadium At Their National Convention

You’ve probably already heard: about the Democratic politicians skipping their national convention: because they’re afraid it’s going to be an anchor around their waist at election time.

Over the past few days, a handful of Democratic candidates and elected officials have announced, through their campaigns, that they will not attend the 2012 convention in Charlotte, to be held Sept. 3-6.

….Organizers this week denied a Bloomberg report that they have fallen $27 million short of their fundraising goal. “We are right on track with the fundraising we are doing,” convention chief executive Stephen Kerrigan told National Journal by telephone on Tuesday.

…Democrats announced their finalist cities of Charlotte, Minneapolis, Cleveland, and St. Louis in June 2010. After the Metrodome roof collapsed amid a snowstorm in Minneapolis, organizers were hemmed in. Charlotte looked like a politically aggressive choice—a signal that Democrats would fight to defend their Southern beachhead in 2012—but now, North Carolina rates only barely as a swing state. Gallup found Obama’s North Carolina approval was 43.7 percent in 2011, according to data released in January, a 3.2-percent decline from 2010. Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage, after North Carolina passed an amendment banning it this year, seemed to put him at odds with voters there.

Well, guess what? It’s going to get even worse for Democrats because of a little detail that probably didn’t seem that important when they chose Charlotte as a location. That would be: the name of the stadium where they’re holding the event.

Months ago, when the DNC first booked its now ill-fated convention in Charlotte at Bank of American stadium, there were some questions raised about the propriety of holding a “populist” event featuring an endless string of speeches excoriating the evils of big banks, big business and Wall Street at a location named and sponsored by one of Wall Street’s biggest offenders and a primary target of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Bank of America.

Luckily, swift on the uptake as they are, the Democratic Party has finally gotten around to addressing the issue. Donna Brazile, who is apparently Al Gore’s press secretary now, sent out an invitation just a few days ago, wondering if any of the members of the DNC host committee would be interested in hanging around after the convention for a fun party…in Charlotte’s fabulous Panthers Stadium.

Sorry, Donna, but the name of the stadium doesn’t change because it’s going to be hilariously humiliating for Democrats to rant about the evils of rich people, Wall Street, and big banks from the heart of Bank of America Stadium. Great planning, guys. This is looking more like the Chevy Volt of political conventions every day.

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