Don’t Let This Sleeping Dog Lie

The attention span of most Americans is seemingly shorter than the time it takes to read this sentence. The vast information age has overwhelmed our senses. Patience and knowledge is a virtue but quickly becoming a relic of the past; too often simple answers are accepted as fact. In our modern-day haste, the thought of the moment is quickly forgotten and replaced with another distraction. Along with our publications and radio talk show companions, we are bombarded by a load of “new” media consisting of millions of internet sites, a 500 channel cable and satellite universe and, of course, the IPhone attached to our hip 24/7. Competing for our attention in a crowded media field, one story or event strives to out-flag the other. Perhaps sooner than ISIS can attack us, we are warned Ebola may infect tens of thousands. It’s debatable if civilization is more threatened by disease, terrorism or the ignorance of many of our political leaders.

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Most troubling is what we are not hearing enough about. The mostly leftist lapdog media continues to wag its obedient tail rather than report the real gathering storms. Grabbing the bulk of recent headlines has been the volcanic revelation that several members of the NFL are accused of domestic abuse.  Unprovoked physical violence is not only illegal but reprehensible. Yet I am sure there are many plumbers, baristas and morticians who could be accused of the same crime. A football player’s idiocy or a celebrity’s malfeasence does not threaten our national security.

What does threaten our national security? When asked that question recently, Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly stated “climate change.” (There are days I expect Rod Serling to appear from behind a curtain to tell us we have been in the “Twilight Zone”since the 2008 presidential election.) Despite Kerry’s bewildering assessment of the world, the real challenge is Islamic terrorism and the frightening idea Iran could emerge with nuclear weapons. This cancerous scourge must be defeated. I have unsettling doubts this will happen anytime soon. Rather, I expect this Nazi rebirth to metastesize as our own Commander in Chief seems either inept or on the wrong side.

Isn’t it time to put political correctness and timidity aside? As Islamic terrorism spreads, directly targeting and threatening the United States and our allies, what has President Obama done to assure Americans his preference is to obliterate and erase from the sands of time this bloodthirsty cancerous tumor?

Is it in our national security interest to turn 3000 of our armed forces into social workers by ordering them to Africa to combat Ebola or telegraphing to our adversaries that we will not put boots on the ground and there will be no “shock and awe” event? Doesn’t common sense dictate Obama’s military strategy should be to keep ISIS or any other adversary guessing? Oh that’s right; he doesn’t have a “strategy.” Just as he has made no effort to secure our borders from invasion, Mr. Obama doesn’t seem to want to protect the United States against Islamic terror. This danger and the Obama Administration’s reluctance to confront it should receive constant media focus. That is in our national security interest.

It gets difficult to refute those who claim this president is either a closeted Muslim or at the very least, a Muslim sympathizer. Upon the start of his initial term, one of Obama’s first foreign excursions was to Cairo, Egypt as an outreach to the Arab world. Hasn’t that worked out well? Six years later, most of the Middle East is in flames and the rest imperiled. America’s prestige and power is degraded as the tentacles of worldwide terrorism continue to gain strength. The thought of this emerging trend combined with a nuclear powered Iran is exceptionally fearsome. How long will it take for the Iranian evil regime to hand off a nuclear weapon to a monstrous Islamic terror organization with no regard for the sanctity of life?

I hope Mr. Obama sets aside his narcissistic ego and heeds the call of our nation’s military experts and diplomatic advisors before the world is thrust into irreparable darkness. To do so would be in our national security interest and would be a sure sign he is on our side.

William Pollack is a broadcaster and movie theater own/operator based in Memphis, TN. [email protected] 

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