Establishment Hacks Line Up for Cruz Apology

It’s been reported that the old guard of establishment Republicans have asked Ted Cruz to be the one to mend fences in order to garner their support. Some might rather call them the senior statesmen of the GOP. Well, they are definitely “senior,” but hardly “statesmen.”

Brent Smith

It was first reported by CNN this past Tuesday, roughly two weeks after Senator John Cornyn called Cruz following his UUGE victory in Texas on March 1st, to broach the topic of Cruz speaking to the Senate GOP Conference for calling out Mitch McConnell as the lying sack of **** that he is.

Does anyone else find it odd that we’re just hearing about this now and that it appeared to be leaked to CNN and not some conservative journal? I’m just asking.

Could it be that they waited until Super-Duper Tuesday, wanting first to see how the candidates fared? Could one then surmise that the thinking of the establishment, to make this public, may now be that they have some leverage against Cruz to fall in line in order to win their backing and thus the nomination? This kind of thinking I would not put past them, for surely this is what any one of them would do. After one sells his or her soul, what’s a little apology.

The problem they have is that the old guard doesn’t understand that Cruz has integrity – something they all jettisoned long ago.

Like good foot-soldiers, they are all lining up to take their shots publically at Cruz. “I think he’s got some bridges to build here,” said Senator John Thune. “I think it would be helpful obviously for him if he thinks he is going to be the guy…to come back here to mend some of those fences that he tore down when he was here.”

The senior Senator from Utah, Orrin Hatch, who as you may recall in 2012, urged the people of Utah to give him another term so that he might lead the fight to repeal Obamacare, said of Cruz that “It’s always helpful when you admit you’re wrong,” and called his behavior on the Senate floor “not proper.”

Maybe Hatch should first ask McConnell to apologize for lying in the first place and then apologize to America for doing jack-squat to rid us of the Obamacare scourge. And maybe throw in an apology from McCain for calling Cruz a whacko-bird.

It’s funny to watch these old characters operate when they think they have the upper hand. They’ve all been in Washington for so long that they naturally believe everyone who shows up will soon think and act as they do. And why shouldn’t they. It’s been this way for decades. Yet when an anomaly like Cruz shows up and refuses to play ball, they don’t know how to react. He operates well outside their comfort zone and they hate him for exposing them.

They also don’t understand Cruz supporters. They don’t get that the Cruz Crew isn’t really the “Cruz Crew” – they (we) are the Constitution Crew and he just happens to be the candidate who embodies a true Constitutional conservative.

As Trump is the vessel of peoples’ blind hatred of Washington, Cruz is but the vessel of true conservatism. The difference is that Trump followers are just that –Trump followers – who will follow the Pied Piper off a cliff should he command them. The establishment understands this.

They do not and seemingly will never understand, as Ted does, that if he flip-flops or compromises himself for the sake of the party over the Constitution, his supporters will walk away. They (we) will wave as he drops off to his political death, turn around and resume the search for another.

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