Establishment Republicans: Be Careful What You Wish For

It’s just bad news after bad news for the republican establishment.
First it was Jeb Bush, who was supposed to be the heir apparent – as if he were the next man up to carry the establish mantle because everyone just assumed it was his turn. And that’s the way the establishment does it – next moderate up. But Jeb has been steadily fading into oblivion, despite his mega-money pac(s).
Brent Smith
Jeb has been called low energy by many and I believe there’s a reason for it. I’m not convinced he really even wants the job. I’m sure it’s tough on him, being a legacy and all. Both your father and brother have accomplished it, and now it’s your turn – and you are expected to have the same wants as they. To me, it certainly doesn’t appear he has that “fire in the belly.” I wonder at this point if Jeb is just looking for a graceful way out.
Next up; John Kasich, who briefly flirted with success only to crash back down to earth after his belligerent debate performance. It seems he has now resigned himself to accepting the role of establishment attack dog, probably banking on a job should one of the “preferred” candidates win the day.
Even Marco Rubio is just holding his own, but gaining no ground.
The establishment wing of the party has suddenly found themselves in uncharted waters, and they are dumb founded. It appears no matter what they do to try to unseat the Trumpster is consistently backfiring. With every attack, Trump holds his own or gains in popularity as the darlings of the GOP sink like so many disfavored mafia men wearing cement overshoes.
But now they are bringing in the big guns like Karl Rove, who hasn’t run a successful campaign in more than a decade. Rove called Trump a “complete idiot,” but claims that was “off the record.” So what – it doesn’t count?
He said that Trump is “not a conservative. He’s not been a Republican for more than a short period for time, out of convenience. But he has tapped into this angst inside the Republican Party and inside America that is so concerned about what the president has done that they want somebody that will pick up a brick and throw it through the plate glass window, and he speaks to that anger and that concern.”
Rove added that, “I still think he’s unlikely to win it. I don’t want to say the chances are zero or 5%. But I think it’s unlikely that he wins the nomination.”
But Karl and the rest of the establishment bunch best be careful what they wish for, because someone is rapidly gaining momentum and he should be feared most out of all the field. Of course I’m speaking of my man Ted Cruz.
For a while now Cruz has been steadily and quietly creeping up the ranks. And now two polls in Iowa have Cruz solidly in second place – one is almost a dead heat, with Trump at 25% and Cruz at 23%.
Back in October Rush Limbaugh’s non-endorsement endorsement of Ted Cruz probably shocked many when he said: “We still have someone in our roster that opposes every bit of the Democrat agenda, perhaps more than anybody else in the race and that’s Cruz. I mean Cruz does not have in his record any statement like Trump does of having supported certain things the Democrats have done. Cruz is inarguably thoroughbred conservative.”
Just this past weekend Rush was on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. When Wallace asked him to give a quick response regarding Cruz, Limbaugh said: “Brilliant, just absolutely brilliant. And conservative through and through. Trustworthy, strong, confident, leader, and somebody in whom you can totally depend.” A lot of Trumpsters watch Fox News and love him or hate him, Limbaugh wields great influence and I predict Rush’s non-endorsement endorsement will propel Cruz further.
Limbaugh, like many others, have long been on the record saying he never endorses anyone during the primary. Well this may not be an official endorsement, but I’ve been listening to Maha Rushie for years and I’ve never heard him speak of any candidate this glowingly.
So all this being said, I predict the establishment may rue the day if they are able to damage Trump. If it happens, Cruz is perfectly positioned to vault passed him into the lead, and probably for good.
If they’ve given any thought to Trump’s past vacillations and dalliances with big government liberal policy, the establishment GOP might conclude that they may actually be able to deal with the dealmaker Trump and his administration. If the rock-ribbed conservative Cruz wins, they will be completely shut out.
So establishment GOP – be careful what you wish for.
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