‘Every Child Deserves a Family Act’ Falsely Promises Social Justice for All Kids

Recently, H.R. 2028, the “Every Child Deserves a Family Act,” was introduced in the House by Congressman John Lewis (R-GA). Although this legislation seems benevolent and pro-child, it violates states’ rights, is an injustice towards foster care children’s human rights, and further diminishes the natural family unit’s importance in our society through government coercion.

This legislation seeks to transition foster care children into permanent homes, but politicians have determined the gender and marital status of these prospective foster or adoptive parents to be irrelevant. To achieve this, H.R. 2028 contains provisions that cut off federal funds to adoption agencies that solely place children in stable homes with a married mom and dad, the best environment for any child to develop into a successful person.

Of course, these entities should not be receiving federal funds in the first place, because societal problems should not be solved through big government policies. However, Congress has no right to create one-size-fits-all policies for every state in America. Politicians in Washington should not be forcing states that embrace a more pro-family, conservative culture to comply with the coercive provisions of this legislation, if it is passed.

But most importantly, this deceptive legislation is an injustice to foster care children and their human rights. Every child deserves the equal opportunity to be raised by a married mother and a father in a loving, stable home. That is real social justice for children, and the government has no right to deny that equal opportunity.

It is not surprising that greedy, socially liberal special interest groups and politicians are pushing this legislation, with no genuine concern for what our nation’s foster care children truly desire. Who are special interest groups and politicians to decide what these children want when it comes to being placed in a family? It is wrong for these people to be determining what is best for these children.

This legislation is another example of the government helping to create an “anything goes” culture, where mothers and fathers are optional by law for children. In addition, it further proves that people like you and I are truly for small government, because we seek to preserve states’ rights on adoption laws and are mainly focused on restoring a pro-family culture locally, not through quick legislative fixes.

Simply put, foster care children do not deserve to be used as a political football to satisfy special interest groups and the greedy, selfish politicians they financially support. These children’s needs should be respected in the public policy process.

This blog post was originally published on: Counter Cultured’s “We Need Family” column.: 

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