Fabricated Racism Disrupts Another College Campus

Gone are the days when colleges were the bastions of critical thought and speech – when professors and students alike could be purposely provocative. Now students must sit down, shut up and accept being propagandized. You may not speak out, or even joke about things like gender, religion or race. Somewhere, somehow, someone will be offended, and being offended can no longer be tolerated on a college campus. I believe that is the 57th Amendment – the right not to be offended. I think it comes just after the right to a free education.
Brent Smith
Students, faculty and administrators appear to no longer have any capacity for patience, understanding or forgiveness. Today, even something completely harmless can be mistaken by one of the faux-oppressed to be offensive.
And so it was on the once serene campus of University ofWisconsin-Whitewater. February 18, 2016 – an otherwise quiet winter’s day exploded with cries of racism. What – you mean you haven’t heard? Was there a KKK rally or maybe a whites-only polo match?
No – this was far worse. Two white female students boorishly posted a picture of themselves in blackface to “the campuswide Snapchat account. Within hours the university’s chancellor, Beverley Kopper, emailed the campus community to denounce the post as ‘racist.” And as well she should have. Who do these girls think they are? Are they white supremacist plants placed on campus to start a race riot?
Well, no. As it turns out these are just two normal college girls who applied some charcoal-based beauty mask goop to their faces. Apparently they innocently thought the look was humorous so they snapped a picture to share with others on campus.
The two evidently didn’t have a racist thought and saw no harm in it. But they forgot where they were – on an American Universitycampus, where humor is not tolerated – unless the butts of that humor are conservatives, Christians or Caucasians.
Without any inquiry whatsoever, the CEO of the University, so racked with political correctness and guilt over her own whiteness, threw these two young women under the proverbial bus. I’m sure Ms. Kopper has seen other guilty white liberal college administrators caught up in fabricated racial scandals, like that at the University of Missouri (UM), and was determined not to suffer the same fate as UM administrators.
So instead of injecting some calm and doing even a cursory investigation, she sacrificed two innocent young women to save her own behind. After discovering her bone-headed overreaction, she withdrew her post.
But her knee-jerk reaction had already opened a Pandora’s Box of race-baiters and the hopelessly offended. “One Black Student Union member even told peers she missed several days of school because she was too distraught by the blackface picture to attend class.” That’s just pathetic!
Because of one innocent misunderstanding, the school had to institute “diversity forums at which students have accused the campus of being steeped in racism and suggested administrators are not doing enough about it.”
Of course they have suggested it. They too have no doubt been watching and learning how lucrative being black and perpetually offended can be. Schools nationwide have been throwing millions of dollars at these black student organizations in an effort to placate them – giving them cushy do nothing jobs, building palatial “diversity” centers, “safe spaces,” etc.
It has since gotten so bad that the Dean of Students, Terry Tumbarello, another whitey, actually said: “I am very disappointed that our current legal system prevents public colleges and universities from taking more direct action against individuals who use racist language and wish that wasn’t the case.”

All this continues despite the retraction from the Chancellor and the girls’ obvious innocence!

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