This is it Folks, Election Day in Wisconsin

Ted Cruz Wisconsin Snowing Sign Wave

Our Conservative Campaign Committee team has been up here in Wisconsin campaigning for Ted Cruz; numerous boots-on-the-ground initiatives. Please volunteer with Miss Lulu to do last minute get-out-the-vote phone calls.

To volunteer for our Phone From Home program, simply send an email (including your name) to: [email protected]

Candidly, we have been freezing our butts off waving “Ted Cruz” signs on street corners in cities all over Wisconsin; in freezing rain and snow. Yesterday was the worse, 28 degrees. Mary, my beautiful, wonderful, true patriot Floridian wife of 38 years hates cold. She may never forgive me or Ted for subjecting her to Wisconsin weather.

Kidding aside, our entire CCC team is fully committed to expending every ounce of our energy for Cruz because we understand the seriousness of the situation in which we find our country. Ted Cruz is the only presidential candidate we can trust to begin turning Obama’s and GOP betrayers’ mess around; igniting a healing of America.

Ted Cruz Wisconsin Milwaukee WarRoomFromAbove

During yesterday’s town hall hosted by Megyn Kelly, Ted once again proved we desperately need him running our country; extremely well-informed on every issue; wise, character-driven, the adult in the room. Megyn made numerous crafty attempts to get Cruz to focus on the soap opera aspects of the campaign. Cruz always turned Megyn’s questions back to real substantive issues, exposing how Obama and the Democrats have damaged our country and how he plans to fix it.

A powerful moment of the town hall was Cruz’s response to the issue of religious liberty. Megyn asked about a poor atheist having to endure hearing Christians pray. Cruz said, “You have a right not to participate, but not to silence everyone.” Cruz’s response brought down the house, the audience spontaneously erupted in enthusiastic applause. You could feel the audience’s vibe and what they were thinking, “Finally, someone boldly standing up for the masses rather than wimpy political correct kowtowing to the few.”

Ted Cruz is “The One”, folks. Please vote and do whatever you can to get others to vote TODAY for Cruz. America is at stake.

Our Conservative Campaign Committee team will be pushing all day for Cruz. If you see our CCC team on a Wisconsin street corner waving “Ted Cruz” signs, please honk your horn. The smallest lady wrapped in multiple layers will be my Mary. Give her a honk as well.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee

Lloyd Marcus

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

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