Fox News Seeks to Satisfy Mainstream Media, Not Its Viewers

In its debate coverage, Fox News’ recent desire to be accepted into the fraternity of leftist-leaning journalists was on full display. Having built its audience by being fair to conservatives, its anchors now seek to pivot to the left in order to satisfy their professional peers.

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It is very revelatory that CNN praised Fox News for its handling of the debate.

Fox News couldn’t care less what the audience or the Republican candidates thought of them. It was trying to make it in the journalistic cocktail circuit. That’s why they pummeled Donald Trump with such personal attacks and treated all of the other candidates like enemies.

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Megyn Kelly was especially partisan; her bias showed through during her questioning of Trump. You can bet she’ll never be as tough on Hillary Clinton as she was on the Donald last night, and certainly she won’t be asking Clinton personal questions.

Fox News showed an arrogant contempt for its audience in its leftist bias and was, in effect, telling them that they have no other place to go.

The network’s choice of who got to answer questions was just one of the many ways it showed a bias. Conservative Ted Cruz had to wait for 25 other responses before he was finally asked a question — and that one was about God.

Conservative newcomer Ben Carson was ignored for so long by the Fox News anchors that he even commented that he was wondering if he would ever get the chance to speak.

Fox News could have shown that it could be fairer than any other station. Instead its liberal bias rivaled that of George Stephanopoulos.

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