From The Rooney Rule to the Looney Rule

In 2003 the National Football League instituted a hiring practice called the Rooney Rule. The rule was named for Dan Rooney, the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and chairman of the NFL diversity committee and a big liberal. The rule mandates that every NFL team interview at least one minority candidate for a head coaching and executive positions. By minority, they actually only mean black applicants.
Brent Smith
The reason for this mandate is that about 70% of all NFL players are black whereas virtually all head coaches and G.M.s are white. To Rooney and the diversity committee, this would not do. It was like black players doing their white masters bidding all over again. This new rule was a perfect solution for the guilty white liberal owners.
After its institution, the rule was immediately criticized by activists and academia that it was mere window
dressing as it only applied to head coaching positions, not to assistants. At no time has anyone on the committee pondered the merit based system of hiring that has worked for so many years and produced some of sports greatest head coaches.
Like other liberals, they see a perceived problem and attempt to solve it with a mandated solution. Just like any other mandated program, most of these “minority” hires have been less than stellar. But still, it looks good and that’s the most important thing.
Despite the Rooney Rule’s lack of success the league’s brain-trust has remained undaunted. Not only are they undaunted but league president, Roger Goodell has decided to up the ante once more by venturing further down the politically correct rabbit hole.
For years the NFL has attempted to expand its already huge fan base by attracting more women. Every year they’ve accessorized team uniforms with pink gloves, shoes and towels to support breast cancer awareness. While this is certainly a worthy cause, one must conclude that the league’s support is more to attract female fans than the support of this particular disease.
Yet this is still not good enough. Evidently the National Football League, the sport of men, must be further feminized – just like our military. So Roger “Obama” Goodell has commanded that the league begin to hire female coaches.
“We have something called the Rooney Rule which requires us to make sure that when we have an opening … that we are going to interview a diverse slate of candidates,” Goodell announced in San Francisco at the first-ever NFL Women’s Summit ahead of Super Bowl 50. “We are going to formalize that we as a league are going to do that for women as well in all of our executive positions.”
The establishment of the rule will ensure that the league “keeps making progress,” Goodell said – because progress is always more important than the quality of the product.
This new mandate came about as a result of a highly publicized domestic abuse case involving Ray Rice, former running back of the Baltimore Ravens. As a result Goodell appointed several women to executive positions in the league office. Somehow, in the mind of the enlightened progressive Goodell, I guess this was supposed to make things all better.
Of course the hiring of some women into the NFL will have no effect on domestic abuse, but that’s not the point. It never is with progressives and cowards. It is as it always is – symbolism over substance.
Many of us long-time die-hard NFL fans have lamented over the increasing watered down product the NFL has offered up. The teams just aren’t as good as they used to be. There are but a few stand out teams year after year, but the balance of the league is garbage. This has some to do with the players, but the majority of it goes to coaching and the quality of that seems to diminish every year.
After the last of the great coaches decide to hang it up, we will be left with nothing but politically correct no-nothings which will further degrade the product. But as long as the NFL is America’s number one cash cow, nothing will change and the league will continue to push its progressive agenda on the fans. I’m convinced that Goodell thinks he can do virtually anything and still remain number one – that there is no way to kill football.
Maybe they’ll wake up in a few years when viewership begins to wane, but I doubt it. Progressives never think that way.
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