Genderless Bathrooms – It’s the Agenda Stupid

Our country has fallen head first into the crapper when people from the left and right can’t see the problem with letting transgendered men and women use whatever bathroom, locker room and shower they wish.

Brent Smith

What the heck is wrong with us? There seems to be so very few left with the combination of courage and conviction. Instead it’s been replaced with cowardice and expedience. And ditto regarding common sense.

Let’s first set the record straight on one thing. A transgendered man is still physically, anatomically a man and vice versa for a woman. The dictionary definition of transgender is: “noting or relating to a person whose gender identity does not correspond to that person’s biological sex assigned at birth.”

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But this is not how we think of the transgendered. More likely when the average person hears the term transgender, they automatically think of someone who was once a man and is now a woman and vice versa. Obviously, according to the definition, this is not correct.

It is in fact how we on the right have jokingly described these individuals. Regardless of their precious feelings, a transgendered man is exactly what Bruce Jenner is – a confused dude who thinks, for whatever reason, he’s a girl, so he dresses the part and maybe takes some female hormone cocktail. But, as we’ve been saying – this doesn’t make him a woman. Anatomically he’s still a dude, if you know what I mean. Presently he and every other transgender is just a cross-dresser. Let’s just tell it as it is. If you’re really committed, take it all the way – or take the darn dress off. Otherwise you’re just a fraud.

In any other time in our history, Jenner would be described as eccentric and leave it at that. But when it came down to it, he would be the one who would and should conform to society. But these days our country is full of people who are more concerned with how they might be perceived and courting the fringe than doing the right and smart thing.

And the smart thing is not to start down this road. There are just too many weirdos and perverts out there who will figure out, sooner or later, how to take advantage of the gullibility of those who will allow this.

But for many, the pull of progressivism is a much greater allure than boring old common sense. So they twist themselves in knots trying to legitimatize the absurd.

Leave to the writers at the HuffPo to do just that. They write that, “The concern being that bathroom bills put the safety of women and girls at risk of cisgender men putting on a dress and coming into the bathroom to assault them.” What the heck is cisgender?! I had to look it up. It is: “noting or relating to a person whose gender identity corresponds with the person’s sex assigned at birth.” Huh? So in other words it’s a guy who thinks he’s a guy? Why did we need to invent a new word for that?

The HuffPo continues with their brilliant commentary. “But this isn’t really about the safety of women and girls. If we were really worried about the safety of women and girls in bathrooms then we’d be introducing legislation to keep convicted sex offenders out of public bathrooms. We’d stop victim shaming women for getting assaulted and raped. We’d stop making women pay for rape kits in the hospital.”

Although they have a small point about sex offenders, there is a limit to what the “State” can do. But I believe there is at least a sex offender registry which is easily accessible to anyone. Maybe they should also have a transgender registry. What do you think HuffPo? Could you imagine how apoplectic the left would be if someone were to suggest that? But why invite more trouble? Some (me) would say that is height of stupidity.

And who are these people “shaming women for getting assaulted and raped,” other than Islamists. The answer is of course, no one, but they had to think of something. As for women having to purchase rape kits – I feel for them. Short of murder, rape is the most heinous crime imaginable – child rape the worst. But if I were a random victim of a drive-by shooting who was rushed to the hospital, would I not be expected to pay for that care? What’s the difference?

Despite their weak protestations, it is about safety and common decency – something obviously lacking today. It is also about realizing we live in copy cat society. All it will take is news of one incident for the sick-minded to conclude that genderless bathrooms could be their new frontier.

And you who protest so vehemently against this are the same who praise authorities for arresting a parent for letting her children walked to the park alone, or the mother, just north in Canada, who was visited by Child and Family Services for allowing her kids to play unaccompanied in her own fenced-in backyard.

In every other facet of our society, the safety of “the children” is said to number one by a stretch, but oddly this is different.

So I guess the HuffPo is right after all. It’s not about safety. It is once again about advancing a liberal agenda at any cost – regardless of consequence. The agenda, as it always does, trumps all!

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