Is Glenn Beck the Moses of the Right?

Broadcast pioneer Glenn Beck has done some risky things over the past several years. He left a cushy and high paying position at the Fox News Network. He had a vision of building a better mousetrap. No longer wanting to be encumbered by network politics and such, he left the security (and shackles) of Fox to build The Blaze, which is fast becoming a wholly independent media empire, offering all original content on Radio, TV and the internet.
Brent Smith
Not many people would have the guts to attempt such a thing, but Beck appears to be a bit of a visionary in this regard. Now others have followed the path he has mapped, like Newsmax, PJ Media and the latest, Levin TV.
Beck predicted it would be a success and so far, he’s not wrong.
He’s also made plenty of other predictions that, through a combination of tireless research and maybe even some divine guidance, have also come true. In 1999 he told his radio audience that bin Laden would attack America. In 2004 he warned of both the housing bubble and the 2008 banking crisis. That same year he spoke of the Twelve Imam and the rise of the Mahdi in Iran. He was the only talking about it at the time.
He is the first to admit that he’s no good when it comes to timetables – just that these things will occur at some future date, barring substantial change. For this, many have just chalked him up as just that crazy, weepy, religious zealot – that Mormon.
He may very well have some divine guidance charting his path and predictions, but from watching and listening to him and his compatriots for years – a lot of it comes down to an uncanny ability to simply connect the dots, which is why, I believe, he has utilized the “chalk board” for all these years. Like a detective, he uses the “chalk board” to better be able to find patterns in seemingly disparate events.
Although I defended some of what Donald Trump said early on, I was always a Cruz guy and suspicious of The Donald. To my knowledge, Beck was the first person on the right to come out firmly against Trump. Sure there were many in the establishment who disliked Trump from the get-go, but I believe Glenn was the first constitutionalist to do so.
To my mind, he was the original #NeverTrump guy. Most on the right said (and still say) he’s crazy for taking such a definitive stance. Rush, Sean and even Levin exclaimed that a no-vote for Trump is a defacto vote for Hillary. Limbaugh continually reminds his listeners that Clinton is the real enemy – that any republican will be better than a president Clinton.
In any other year, I would agree, but for those of us who have watched and really listened to The Donald and have researched his past proclamations and actions, a true constitutional conservative must come to the same conclusion as has Beck – that Trump may not only be the end of the republican party, but will likely be worse for our country than Hillary.
There are few, if any, whose opinion and knowledge I value more than Mark Levin. So for months I’ve been frustrated by his seeming inability to see Trump as we do – a big government, progressive authoritarian, who if elected, will not change or suddenly have a constitutional epiphany. He is everything real conservatives say they fear, yet somehow and for reasons unknown, trusted spokesmen like Rush, Sean and Mark can’t (or won’t) see what Beck sees.
But as of last Friday, I’m happy to say there is one less Trump apologist. Mark Levin said on his radio show that he is “not voting for Donald Trump. Period.” Welcome aboard oh great one!
If the Republicans are able to hold the Senate and the House, which will be pretty likely, being that Hillary would more likely be a drain on down ballot candidates than having any kind of coat tails, they could effectively bottle up any radical Clinton initiatives and supreme Court nominees. They would not do the same to a president Trump – the old republicans have to support the head of the party nonsense.
The way I see it is that Hillary is not Obama. Therefore, not many will fight as hard for President Hillary as they have for Obama. Unlike Obama, Hillary is not a transcendent figure. She’s not slick like Bill Clinton or Obama. She is just a bitter old Alinskyite, who’s only going to get and look older and who very few like personally.
Because of this republicans will be less inclined to be bullied by her. She therefore is apt to have a feckless four year reign and lose reelection to Cruz the next time around, much like Reagan.
Meanwhile, as more states turn republican, as has been the trend, support for the Convention of States will further blossom, creating another backstop against Hillary’s malfeasants.
Glenn Beck has laid out quite succinctly, why conservatives should fear Trump more than Hillary and has predicted utter disaster under a president Trump. Considering Beck’s record of success, it is high time more on the right follow Glenn’s lead and reassess their support of The Donald.
Maybe then we can ask The Donald to “Let our people go!”
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