GMO Is A Lifesaver

Practically everyone has heard the term GMO and thanks to whacky leftist publications and advocacy groups, people believe GMO to be synonymous with evil of some sort.Brent Smith

Chances are that unless you’ve been conned into believing the anti-GMO propaganda and eaten only unprocessed or organic foods for the past 22 years, you’ve been consuming Genetically Modified Organism foods. They have been approved and sold since 1994.

GMO crops have saved millions of lives throughout the world by modifying plant DNA to cause them to be more resistant to drought, disease and insects. GMO crops are able to be modified to grow faster, larger and cheaper thus enabling many more people to be fed than would otherwise.

But leftist advocates insist that the mad scientists who create the Franken-plants are bought and paid for with dirty agro-corporate money, are only interested in profits and are messy about with Mother Nature. These are the same whack-jobs who would prefer people in Third World nations starve to death rather than have the ability to grow or consume GMO crops.

I wonder how they would then feel about Genetically Modifying the cells in our own bodies. No doubt the hard line anti-GMO crowd would oppose the idea without any debate. But I know of at least one family who is quite pleased with human genetic modification – the Richards family of London England.

Last year, Layla Richards was just 14 weeks old when she was diagnosed with the most common form of childhood leukemia, acute lymphoblastic leukemia. To fight the disease, the little girl had to endure a bone marrow transplant and round after round of chemotherapy. Within seven weeks after the treatments, her parents were told the cancer had already returned rather aggressively. The doctors then said they could do no more for the little girl and they should prepare for her imminent death.

Then the parents, Ashleigh and Lisa were told of a radical experimental treatment, called T-cell Immunotherapy, developed at Great Ormond Street Hospital in central London. It involves genetically modifying the girls T-cells, the white blood cells charged with naturally fighting off viruses and infections. The T-cells are extracted from the patient’s body. They are then genetically modified, effectively turning them into cancer hunters. Then the lab grows millions of copies of these killer T-cells and they are injected back into the patient. Nothing more has to done.

It was the first time this had been tried in a human, yet Mr. Richards was told just a few weeks later that Layla was completely cured – completely cancer free. The doctors said it was nothing short of miraculous, considering the aggressiveness of her disease. Researchers are now describing the genetically modified blood as potentially more of a vaccine, rather than a one-off treatment, as the latest studies reveal the modified T-cells may last in the body for 14 years – possibly for life. This way the cells would continually patrol the bloodstream, stopping the cancer from ever returning.

The studies and treatments have since broadened. “When scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle gave genetically-modified T-cells to leukemia patients with months to live, the cancer disappeared in 94 per cent of cases. Patients with other blood cancers saw response rates of greater than 80 per cent, with more than half experiencing complete remission.”

Researcher Dr Stanley Riddell said: “These are patients that have failed every other treatment. Most patients in our trial would be projected to have two to five months to live.”

This is truly remarkable! Can you imagine what it must feel like to receive a death sentence from your doctor and after just a few weeks of receiving this therapy, you are cured? Talk about your mood swings!

I wonder how many of the Earth-first anti-GMO crowd could look the parents of Layla Richards in the eyes and tell them they shouldn’t have done it.

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