Grover Norquist Is Right: Tax Increases On The Middle Class Are Up Next

Despite all the talk you hear about the rich needing to pay their “fair share,” the United States already has the most progressive income tax in the entire Western world. Moreover, there is an enormous number of Americans in the middle class while there are very few super rich.

What that means is that as far as tax revenue goes, the real money is in the middle class.

Given the size of our deficit, that means as a practical matter, one of two things must happen in the next few years. Either we’re going to dramatically cut spending or we’re going to dramatically raise taxes on the middle class. Liberals can complain about the supposed “unfairness” of that equation all they want, but it’s reality.

The latest target of the Left’s “two minutes of hate,”: Grover Norquist, agrees and elaborates on the idea.

Norquist insisted Democrats in Congress and the establishment press are playing an elaborate game designed to blame Republicans for budget deficits and keep serious discussion of spending cuts and entitlement reform off the table.

“Congressional Democrats know raising taxes on the rich will not produce enough tax revenue to reduce significantly the trillion-dollar annual budget deficits being run by the Obama White House,” he said.

“The reason the Democrats scream ‘tax the rich, tax the rich,’ is because they are going to pivot very soon to place a 3 trillion-dollar tax increase on the middle class, and they want ringing in the public’s ears that they wouldn’t have had to do this if the Republicans in Congress had acted right away to place a decent size tax on the rich.”

Norquist believes the Democrat strategy risks a tax revolt.

“The size of Tea Party Two is going to dwarf Tea Party One,” he predicted.

Norquist contends Obama is “overstating his mandate.”

Unless the Democrats reverse course on spending cuts in a major way, the question isn’t whether they’ll push for MASSIVE tax hikes on the middle class, it’s when— because they will simply have no other choice.

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