Hillary Clinton Is Not Like Other Rich People — Get It?!

There’s only one word to describe Hillary Clinton’s inane defense of her wealth. She’s delusional. First, she said she was dead broke in a year that the Clintons made $16 million. Now, she just told a UK newspaper, The Guardian, that she’s not like “the truly well off.” She’s different.

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Why? Because she and her husband paid ordinary income taxes — not capital gains — on their more than $150 million raked in since they left the White House. She’s not like other people whose names she won’t mention. (Would those names include her son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, who started his own hedge fund? And Chelsea, who also worked for a hedge fund? And what about the myriad of hedge fund donors to Hillary and Bill’s campaigns and to their Foundation? Better not to mention them!)

What Hillary is suggesting is that many rich people only pay capital gains — now about 23.5 percent on their hedge fund incomes, technically called “carried interest,” instead of the regular income tax rate of 43 percent and up.

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But according to the Clinton’s tax returns, they, too, paid about 25 percent of their income in taxes. For example, in 2007, the Clintons had an income of $20,400,000 and paid $5,100,000 in taxes — about 25 percent. Likewise, in 2006, the Clintons made $16,903,068 and paid $4,682,585 — again, about 25 percent. So, they weren’t paying much more than the “really well off.”

There’s another reason that the Clintons are different, according to Hillary. You see, she and Bill made their money by “hard work.” As we’ve written before, some might question whether flying in a private jet to give a speech for $700,000 is truly “hard work.” Lots of people would be only too happy to work that hard. Or for the $200,000 per speech that Hillary charges and the $14 million advance on the book she wrote with her book team. Is that really hard work?

Hillary is obviously uncomfortable with the mega millions that she and Bill have been paid since they left the White House. She wants to come across as one of the folks — just like the teacher down the street who is trying to pay her mortgage and pay her kids college tuition. Meanwhile, her whole family is grabbing every dime that’s out there.

But she’s not just like us. The teacher down the street cannot command millions of dollars in speaking fees and royalties. Nor can she get her family members hired for lucrative jobs they’re not qualified for.

Chelsea Clinton is paid $600,000 a year as a “Special Correspondent” to NBC. The problem is that she’s not special at all when it comes to reporting on the air. By all accounts, she’s a stiff, untalented rich kid who was hired in hopes of landing an interview with her family. And NBC rarely uses her, which is completely understandable. She can’t do anything spontaneous and has only done four short segments since January. Chelsea is also paid $300,000 a year to be on the Board of one of Barry Diller’s companies. We don’t know what else she is making because there are no required public disclosures.

Hillary wants it both ways. She wants to be on e of the folks and she wants to grab every last cent that she can. Hillary, you’re delusional.

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