Hillary Clinton’s Black Wall Shows Cracks

The latest Fox News poll shows Bernie Sanders gaining 19 points against Clinton nationally among black voters. In the Fox News poll of January 4th, Hillary Clinton bested Sanders among black voters by 71-20. But on January 24th, Sanders had closed much of the gap and trailed by only 59-27.

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As Hillary Clinton fights to fend off the unexpectedly strong challenge from Bernie Sanders, the African-American vote is key. Blacks cast one-quarter of the vote nationally in Democratic primaries and caucuses and are heavily concentrated in states — beginning in South Carolina — that must provide a firewall for Clinton if she is to recover from defeats in New Hampshire and/or Iowa.

Sanders had been stuck at 20 percent among black voters nationally in previous Fox News polls. In their surveys of Nov. 16, Dec. 16 and Jan. 4, Sanders drew 20 percent of the African-American vote. Now, he has risen to 27 percent — a key development.

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Sanders’ growth among blacks is likely a key reason for Clinton’s recent efforts to drape herself in Obama, attacking Sanders for wanting to start over on health care and saying she wants to “build on” Obama’s accomplishments.

But the data suggests that Sanders is punching through among African Americans. As his campaign gathers momentum over Clinton’s dependence on Wall Street for campaign money and personal income, he is attracting more African-Americans than he had previously.

If this trend continues, along with possible Sanders victories in Iowa and New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders could actually win.

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