Hillary Would Eat Carson Alive

I have all the respect in the world for Ben Carson. For only the second time in American politics, we would have a president who made his name outside of politics prior to his election if he won. (The first, for trivia fans, is Herbert Hoover as an engineer). He is humble, virtuous, honest, reliable, committed. But there is no way on Earth that he could defeat Hillary Clinton or even stand up to her in a debate.

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Clinton would have him for lunch.

Carson combines the limited knowledge of government and budgeting of Sarah Palin with the soft voice of John McCain. Just as Obama ran all over McCain in the debates, so would Clinton run over Carson. But a lot worse.

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On top of that, the Hillary Clinton who arrogates the credit for OK’ing the raid that killed Osama bin Laden is going to make mincemeat of Carson for his statement that he would not have sent troops to Afghanistan to pursue the Taliban after 9/11. Instead, Carson said in the first debate, he would have sought to end our dependence on foreign oil.

Ending our dependence on foreign oil is key and we are just a few years away from achieving total energy independence (except for imports from Canada and Mexico). But it will have taken 20 years. It was no substitute for an invasion that knocked al-Qaida back on its heels, forced it into the mountains and toppled the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Don’t confuse the current muddled situation in Afghanistan for the clear-cut victory we scored in 2002. Right after 9/11, everybody thought that we would be hit again, probably within a few weeks. It didn’t happen because Bush wasn’t Carson and sent in troops (while concluding a savvy coalition with the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan).

Carson’s reticence to use troops, even after 9/11, makes one wonder when he would send in troops. Is he another Rand Paul who won’t act to protect us because he fears foreign involvement?

By all accounts, we should be frightened by Carson’s rise in the polls. While many don’t like Donald Trump, nobody doubts that he would be a strong opponent to Clinton in a campaign and in debates or that he would be a strong leader as president. He brings in new voters that otherwise wouldn’t have voted, just as Ross Perot did.

But don’t go for Carson!

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