How Many People Have to Die Because of the Liberal Lies About the Police?

How Many People Have to Die Because of the Liberal Lies About the Police?

The left’s demonization of the police and the whole #BlackLivesMatter movement is essentially based on a lie -the lie that cops are regularly gunning down black Americans.

We already know that it’s a bogus narrative. According to a survey commissioned by the Skeptics Research Center in February:

Overall, nearly half of surveyed liberals (44 percent) estimated roughly between 1,000 and 10,000 unarmed black men were killed whereas 20 percent of conservatives estimated the same.  But, according to a close database compiled by Mapping Police Violence, the actual number of black men killed by the police in 2019 is 27….…The second question the survey asked was: “In 2019, what percentage of people killed by police were Black?” While the survey states that the actual percentage is around 25 percent, the average survey respondent guessed 50 percent (58 percent for liberals and 41 percent for conservatives). The disconnect between perception and reality couldn’t be starker.

Why would people believe something that’s so obviously wrong? Because the media incessantly hypes these cases. We all know the formula for it at this point. A white cop shoots a black person. The initial set of facts reported by the mainstream media is ALWAYS distorted in a way that makes the whole thing look worse. Pertinent details that would make what the cop did look more justifiable are left out or buried. The loudest, angriest voices are amplified. Talking heads opine about how unacceptable it is. Furious protests and/or riots filled with activists screaming about the cops are featured on the news. If and when the truth starts to come out, it’s days later, after many people have already bought into the lies.

Liberals in the media love to play this game for a variety of reasons. It sells papers and draws eyeballs to the liberal cable news networks. So do the riots that the coverage sometimes causes. It reinforces the false idea that America is a racist country, which is something that is near and dear to liberal hearts. It hypes up black Americans and makes them more likely to vote. Liberals also love anything that allows them to portray themselves as saviors to hopelessly oppressed people. Best of all from their perspective, this is an eternal wellspring for the Democrats to draw from because there are always going to be more stories about cops shooting people because regrettably, that is the nature of their job. Sometimes a police officer is going to have to shoot someone who is trying to kill them or trying to kill someone else. Furthermore, a tiny subset of those killings are going to be unjustified, ambiguous, or just plain screw-ups because that’s the nature of human beings. So, if you are in the media looking for clicks or a higher-up in Black Lives Matter looking to buy a new house, there is going to semi-regularly be something to complain about no matter what people try to do to stop it.

The problem here is that people are literally dying because of these lies. They’re dying because liberal district attorneys playing the same game as the liberal media are refusing to charge criminals and are allowing them back on the streets. People are dying because defunded police departments in liberal cities are putting fewer cops on the streets. People are dying because cops are making the calculation that it’s better to arrive a few minutes late and take statements from victims than risking a confrontation where they will be portrayed as the bad guy if something goes wrong. People are dying because they are being told that being stopped by the police is a potentially life-threatening situation when it’s about as dangerous as going to Applebee’s if you don’t act like a lunatic.

Liberals typically don’t care much about the long-term results of their policies and they bend over backward to try to explain away their failures, so perhaps it’s no surprise to see headlines like these when you do a Google search for “increased murder defund the police.” Here’s just a sampling of recent headlines:

‘Defund the Police’ Not to Blame for National Homicide Spike …

‘Defund the police’ calls are not why crime is rising

Surge of homicides could cast ‘defund the police’ debate in new light

Cities that slashed police funding inundated by spike in homicides

Police Wrestle With Surge in Crime in U.S. Cities Amid Defunding Efforts

Feds Blame Austin Crime Spike On ‘Defunding’ Police But Evidence Remains Murky

It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? Crime and homicides may be spiking, but don’t ever expect liberals to admit their relentless demonization of cops and calls to defund the police had anything to do with it.

Do we actually have some sort of big problem with the police that needs to be addressed? Many of us would say, “no,” but if you believe the police in America need to be reformed, you’d be smart to go about it in almost exactly the opposite way that the Left has over the last few months. You wouldn’t “defund the police,” you’d increase their funding so they could put more officers on the street and improve the quality of their training. You wouldn’t encourage people to be antagonistic towards the cops, you’d explain the right way to deal with police officers. While we’re at it, it would be helpful for the liberal media to acknowledge that when a policeman stops a citizen, it’s not just the policeman that has responsibilities. You, as a citizen, have things you should do to safeguard the life of the cop and your own. They include treating the officer with respect, not making sudden movements, and obeying the officer’s commands. If you act belligerently towards the officer, attempt to run, pull out a weapon, or attack him, the odds of someone getting hurt increase astronomically. That may not excuse the cop if he makes a mistake, but the blame shouldn’t be a one-way street in those situations.

All of this may seem like a fun game for liberals, but it’s not as much fun if you’re the one being threatened by a mob, your business is getting looted, or you’re being murdered. When liberal Democrats in DC felt threatened by the Capitol Hill riot, they had a fence built around the building, put in metal detectors, and brought in large numbers of National Guard troops. All, so they could safe again. But, because of their lies about the police, liberals are denying that same privilege to a lot of Americans. It’s an irresponsible and dangerous game that liberals should put an end to as soon as possible before they get more Americans killed.

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