How To Make Bullying Worse

Want to know how to make bullying worse? That’s easy: get: Congress involved.

No one believes children should be bullied in school, no matter what the genesis of the bullying. But to think that somehow Congress could stop playground taunting, middle-school teasing, or insults leveled through social media is illogical. Yet Representatives Sheila Jackson Lee (D—TX) and Lamar Smith (R—TX) think they can do just that by expanding Juvenile Accountability Block Grants to include school bullying.

The proposal includes a “sense of Congress” provision that states “that the use of best practices in the effort to combat bullying should be encouraged.” It also establishes accountability-based programs designed to prevent bullying, including cyber bullying.

Interest in bullying prevention is not new. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights took up the topic last fall and recommended more federal intervention in bullying prevention.

Bullying has been going on since time began and the fix for it has always been the same:: punch the bully in the mouth. It may not be fun, easy, or 100% foolproof, but it generally works well and as an added bonus, you get your self-respect back and learn to become a man in the process — and, yes, being a man is sometimes about punching someone in the mouth. Congress isn’t going to change that and the fact that it wants to try shows it’s as arrogant about throwing around its power as it is dumb about using it.

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