If…And I Mean IF Mitt Loses, Here’s What The Narrative Will Be….

Today, as I was doing a: HuffPostLive segment that covered, in part, what will happen if Mitt Romney loses – some very odd comments were made.

They were odd because they seemed so out of place. Is the Tea Party hurting Romney? Are Republicans being hurt by social issues? Let me tell you what this is all about.

IF – and I mean IF Mitt loses, the same moderate establishment Republicans who were his biggest supporters – but now are losing confidence in him — will want to jump back into their favorite narrative. The problem is that the party is too conservative, those Tea Partiers are getting in the way, Paul Ryan hurt the ticket, social issues killed us, we’ve gotta give in on illegal immigration, etc., etc.

Along those lines, here are a few things worth noting.

* Mitt Romney is a moderate Republican from a very blue state.

* Tea Partiers are backing him in this election, but he can’t fairly be called a Tea Party candidate.

* His campaign has talked very, very little about social issues.

* Paul Ryan gave the campaign a boost when he was selected and he has sort of faded into the background since then.

* Immigration hasn’t been a big issue in the campaign and this year’s GOP convention not only had more Hispanic candidates speaking from the stage than ever before, one of Romney’s sons gave a speech in Spanish from the stage – something that would have never happened in 2008 or earlier.

Personally, I’ve moved from thinking Romney is in really good shape to thinking this is an EXTREMELY CLOSE RACE that Romney can still win. But, there are no guarantees in life. So, if it doesn’t go our way, people should keep these things in mind before the finger pointing starts.

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