Illegals Get to Stay Which Makes ThinkProgress Happy

The ultra-leftist site ThinkProgress is happier today. And why are they happier? Well, once again, liberal open-boarders politics may trump what is right and what is the law.

Brent Smith

“A federal appeals court handed down a very brief, two paragraph order on Monday that represents good news for the tens of thousands of immigrants currently subject to a campaign of intimidation from a trial judge,” they write.

Of course they aren’t talking about “immigrants.” They are referring to illegal aliens who were/are allowed to stay in the U.S. under the President’s also illegal “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) decree.

It is interesting and infinitely predictable, the metamorphosis of the term – from illegal alien, to illegal immigrant, to undocumented immigrant to now just immigrant, making the law breakers completely indistinguishable from those saps who chose to enter legally and play by the rules.

And what has federal Judge Andrew Hanen of the Southern District of Texas done that was so intimidating and egregious? He insisted that Obama Department of Justice lawyers act ethically in his courtroom and not lie to his face. The nerve of some judges.

As you may be aware, 26 states have filed a lawsuit against the feds over the unlawful DACA program. The suit was originally filed in Texas, which is how Judge Hanen became involved. The states claim, and rightly so, that DHS had no right to issue deferments, allowing illegals to stay.

When the DOJ attorneys were in front of Judge Hanen, they lied to his face, claiming that “the president’s immigration amnesty plan that included three-year deferrals was not being implemented — when, in fact, they knew it was being implemented to the tune of over 100,000 aliens.”

Well, the Judge discovered they had lied and generally acted unethically, although I don’t why he would be surprised. They’ve probably learned from the master – Obama himself. You know – if you like your doctor, yada, yada, yada, ad infinitum.

And Hanen didn’t just call them out. He “listed the specific statements made by DOJ lawyers in court and on conference calls that were outright lies, and then he lists all of the applicable ethics rules that the DOJ lawyers violated.”

The punishment for these intentional deceptions is for DOJ to hand over all documentation of the thousands of illegals who were illegally “deferred” and for every DOJ attorney who has appeared in any court of the 26 plaintiff states to attend mandatory remedial ethics classes, which amounts to hundreds of smarmy DOJ lawyers.

But to the radicals at ThinkProgress, lying to a Judge’s face in court is a “minor issue,” as the Obama Justice Department attempted to explain the lies away by saying that “the lawyers ‘lost focus’ or that the ‘fact[s] receded in memory or awareness.’” If nothing else, you have to be impressed by the sheer Chutzpah of these dirtbags.

Since Hanen’s ruling, the DOJ has twice sought relief in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, but to no avail. Yet this week ThinkProgress reported with measured optimism that three new judges from the Appeals Court reviewed Hanen’s punishment and issued their “very brief, two paragraph order,” allowing “tens of thousands of immigrants to breath a sigh of relief.”

It seems that two of three judges “have relatively moderate records on immigration.” That’s code for they are pro-illegal alien. One of the judges, Eugene Davis, has even previously stated that the Obama administration has “broad discretion in matters related to immigration.”

But as it turns out, the liberal judges and their “very brief, two paragraph order” may not have been necessary. On June 7th, judge Hanen inexplicably stayed his own orders, both the document requirement and the ethic classes, until August 22nd. The orders will remain in effect unless they are withdrawn by Hanen or struck down by the Fifth Circuit.

I hope the judge doesn’t go wobbly on these rulings, but postponing them is not a good sign. All it does is give additional time for more DOJ shenanigans, which would make ThinkProgress even happier.

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