Inspiration Ministries & David Cerullo on Islam

The subject of Islam is a growing area of concern around the world, and one can also ask about “What is the threat of Islam to all other religions?”: : People can no longer pretend that Muslims live on the other side of the globe, or that what they believe doesn’t affect us.: Inspiration Ministries: is exploring these vital issues.

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There is a fascinating new series available: What YOU need to know about Islam withDavid Cerullo, and authors Brigitte Gabriel and Faisal Malick in this amazing 5-part video series that explores what the Muslim people truly believe and what the Quran really teaches.

INSP Network also has an informative package including the riveting: Islam: What the West Needs to Know, a 98-minute DVD that explores the violence and fate of the non-Muslim world within Islam. The documentary consists of original interviews, citations from Islamic texts, Islamic artwork, computer animated maps, footage of Western leaders, and Islamic television broadcasts.

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And last, if you’ve ever been curious about the comparisons and misunderstandings between Christians and Muslims, the: Islam & Christianity Chartclearly examines topics such as the role of women, religious history, practices and rituals, and more! Also included is a helpful glossary of commonly used words and terms.

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