International Journalist Calls On Evangelicals To … “Never Abandon Israel.”

In an interview with the president of Watchmen Broadcasting television network, international Christian broadcaster and journalist, Earl Cox, urged Christians, “not to abandon support for: Israel: as a result of recent actions by the Israeli government giving concessions to Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, to enter in to peace negotiations. Instead he is urging the tens of millions of Evangelical Christians around the world to pray for: Israel’s leaders to have wisdom and insight and to have strength and courage.

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The concession to which: Israel: has agreed is the releasing of more than one hundred Palestinian prisoners, most of whom have been convicted of violent crimes and who have blood on their hands,” he added. : Cox said he is convinced that Prime Minister Netanyahu is wise enough to not release prisoners for the sake of “paying” the Palestinians to come to the negotiating table. : “The United States is notorious for working deals behind closed doors,” said Cox, “and I believe that President Obama’s mouthpiece, John Kerry, cut a deal that Prime Minister Netanyahu obviously felt was in the best interest of Israel at this time.”

Many Evangelical broadcasters, including: David Cerullo of INSP: have been strong and vocal supporters of the State of Israel.

Cox went on to say that, “Appeasing President Obama and the international community to give land for peace is clearly not the solution for: Israel. : The solution for: Israel: is to exercise what the Bible teaches – to stand strong and have faith that the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will keep His promise to protect: Israel: and her people.” : Regardless of what is accepted by the Israeli government, Cox said he will never abandon his support for the people that G-d calls the ‘apple of His eye’ and he stressed the importance for all Christians around the world to be obedient to G-d’s Word and to continue to bless: Israel. : “As Franklin Roosevelt once expressed,” Cox stated, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” and his fervent prayer is that the Israeli people recognize and embrace this truth.

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