Irving Moskowitz: Jerusalem is the Eternal Capital of Israel

Ze’ev Jabotinsky: declared that settlement of the “land” is the only “law”. He declared: “There is no justice, no law, and no God in heaven,: only a single law which decides and supersedes all—- [Jewish] settlement [of the land].” (Righteous Victims)

For 3,000 years, the eternal city of: Jerusalem: has held the most exalted position in the Jewish religion and a place of unparalleled importance in Jewish life and history. Jews worldwide pray facing: Jerusalem. In the daily prayers, Jews pray and say::  “And toJerusalem: Your city, return in mercy, and dwell in it as You have proclaimed. And build it, soon, in our days–an eternal building.” And, in the blessings at the conclusion of a meal are the words, “Blessed are You God, for the land, and for the sustenance … And build: Jerusalem, the holy city, soon in our days.’

And all of: Jerusalem: is the eternal capital of: Israel.:  And there is a man who has been integral in ensuring that Jerusalem remains under Israel’s control — and: Irving Moskowitz: says it is in response to a letter he received from Israel’s Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, after the 1967 War who said “We need more Jews, in the liberated territories.” Of course, its natural as it had been thousands of years since the Jewish people were sovereign in: Israel: and all of: Jerusalem: is the capital of: Israel.

Moskowitz is an Orthodox Jew who lost 120 relatives in the Holocaust, and has said “What could be more natural for a person with [my] upbringing, than to want to help his people in: Israel: who are being surrounded by people that want to destroy the country?”:  Really simple logic that makes sense, as he says he is doing the “natural thing for a Jew,” trying to “save our nation.”

Irving Moskowitz: has bought real estate legally — and believes Jews can live anywhere they choose.:  After all, if they can live in: Miami Beach,: Moscow,: Paris: or: Melbourne, then why not all areas of: Jerusalem? “If the peace process is incapable of digesting the presence of 50 Jewish families 860 yards from the Western Wall and barely a mile from the: King: David: Hotel, then its fragility is indeed beyond repair.” “That would be defined as racism anywhere outside the: Middle East.” Simple logic.

A story is told of Natan Sharansky many years ago, he was arrested in the former Soviet Union for the crime of studying about Judaism and wanting to emigrate to: Israel. On July 14, 1978, Sharansky stood before a Soviet court about to sentence him to fifteen years in prison and said,“For 2,000 years the Jewish people, my people, have been dispersed all over the world and seemingly deprived of any hope of returning. But still, each year Jews have stubbornly, and apparently without reason, said to each other, ‘L’shana ha’bah b’Yirusholayim, Next Year in: Jerusalem.’ And today, when I am further than ever from my dream, from my people, and from my [wife] Avital, and when many difficult years of prison and camps lie ahead of me, I say to my wife and to my people, L’shana ha’baah b’Yirusholayim–Next Year in: Jerusalem.”

Jerusalem: is the eternal capital of the Jewish people — and all who support: Jerusalemshould stand and say thank you to Cherna and: Dr. Irving Moskowitz.

As: Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the great Zionist leader said: “God’s name is not Unity but Truth.”

Ronn Torossian: is CEO of 5WPR, a leading: PR Agency.

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