Is Motivation Permanent?

Many times, I’m asked the question “Is motivation permanent?” and my standard response is “No, but then, neither is bathing.” However, in view of a recent letter I received, I’m going to change my answer to “No, motivation is not permanent, but the impact can be permanent, depending on what the motivation is.”

For example, several years ago, April Delashaw, a 6-year-old first-grader, was considered for retention because she was making a few C’s and mostly D’s, which was unsatisfactory. However, Jim Delashaw and his wife, Verbina, got motivated by listening to inspirational tapes. They frequently played them in the car and had little idea that April was listening. One day soon after they started listening to the tapes, when Jim turned on the radio to listen to the news, April asked that he put the tape back on so she could listen to it.

In a few weeks, April’s grades rose to mostly A’s. She had been “motivated” to study more and believe in herself. Over the years, her belief in herself grew, and in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades, she was in the Honor Society.

Today, April is a budding country music star with a beautiful voice, and she loves to perform. Her parents say the inspiration she received while listening to those tapes made all the difference in the world in her personal life and now in her career.

Important point: Had she listened only one time, the motivation would have been temporary. But because she continued to listen, there was a change in her self-image, a change in her attitude and a change in her confidence. The ongoing motivation inspired her to continue to study, so the results became permanent and hold true to this day. Take April’s approach to life, and I’ll see you at the top!

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