Jeb’s Awkward Entry into the 2016 Presidential Race

Oh, wouldn’t Democrats love for Jeb Bush to run for President in 2016!

Perhaps that’s why he’s such a popular figure in the national media recently. Most of the reports have focused on his kind words regarding the noble goals of the majority of illegal immigrants to this country, omitting his drive to make big bank by joining the boards of companies that used his membership to create the illusion of credibility before they went bankrupt or collapsed in value due to “inadequate” accounting practices.

Rick Jensen

They certainly have saved copies of the New York Times piece documenting Jeb’s time as a consultant to Lehman Brothers, working to bail out the notorious bank, a decision much despised by Tea Party Americans.

Jeb’s comments about immigrants coming to America out of love for their families is not so controversial.

News outlets reported Arizona Senator Jeff Flake saying that acknowledging that motivation does not reduce the need for a secure border, better employment verification systems, a guest worker program, and reforms to the legal immigration system. Although he does not mention the bill he helped write, those are all major components that it includes.

“I hold no brief for Jeb Bush, but having such a prominent Republican speak so humanely and unapologetically about the motivations behind many of those who have come to reside in this country is good for all of us,” Flake wrote.

Mr. Bush stated the obvious, “We’re going to have fewer workers taking care of a larger share of people that the country has a social contract with. We cannot do that with the fertility rates that we have in our country.”

And then he had a Joe Biden moment.

“Immigrants are more fertile,” he said. “And they love families.”

More fertile? Okay, that’s a rather awkward if not outright creepy way of saying they have larger families than most U.S. families.

“Immigrants are more fertile, and they love families,” Bush said and added, “Immigrants create far more businesses than native-born Americans over the last 20 years.”

After Bush made staked out his fertile territory, the crowd at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual conference went mild. Very mild. Jaw dropping quiet mild.

Perhaps they were a bit uncomfortable with his gynecological visualization of Hispanic procreators.

A spokesman said that Bush meant that immigrants, Hispanics in particular, have larger families and more children. Of course he did.

Conservatives might overlook those comments, but the Times reported on something else Bush is doing that may not be so forgivable.

“Mr. Bush serves as a paid director to Tenet Health Care, the giant hospital owner, which supported President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, aggressively encouraged Americans to sign up for insurance under the program and trumpeted the legislation as a boon to the company’s finances.”

Sure he may have signed onto the boards of a handful of businesses that have collapsed, including one whose founder embezzled millions and plead guilty to fraud, but to verbally oppose Obamacare and then profit from a company that supports Obamacare is weasel-wording.

Mr. Bush has often said he opposed the Affordable Care Act, calling it “flawed to its core,” but according to the Times,” he’s the only potential candidate who has raked in better than $2 million for sitting on the board a company, Tenet Health Care, that has loudly endorsed the legislation.”

“Tenet’s chief executive, Trevor Fetter, said Mr. Bush had made no secret of his objections to the health care overhaul at company meetings. But he suggested that Mr. Bush understood the difference between “personal views and what is best for the company.” Mr. Fetter predicts that in 2014, the Affordable Care Act will deliver up to $100 million in new earnings for Tenet.”

Thank you for your audition, Mr. Bush.


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