John Hawkins: The Fake ‘MAGA Kid Bullies Native American’ Scandal Should Be a Wake-up Call for the Media

John Hawkins: The Fake ‘MAGA Kid Bullies Native American’ Scandal Should Be a Wake-up Call for the Media

On Friday, the story DOMINATING Twitter was about a group of Covington High School Catholic kids that attended the March for Life wearing MAGA hats, then topped that off by screaming “Build the wall” at a bunch of Native American activists. From there, they upped the aggression level and SURROUNDED the poor activists. Worst yet was a smiling kid who got right in the face of an old man chanting and playing his drums. What a horrible bunch of thugs! We know this because the media told us so.


The Associated Press via Snopes: Students in ‘MAGA’ Hats Mock Native American After Rally

The Root: The Next Generation of MAGA Hat-Wearing Bigots Besiege Indigenous Peoples March

CNN: Teens in Make America Great Again hats mocked a Native American elder at the Lincoln Memorial

There are dozens and dozens of examples like this, but they did share some commonalities. First of all, they were entirely based on a non-definitive video that showed a high school student standing there smiling while a Native American man beat a drum in his face AND the comments of the liberal activists. The media made no attempt whatsoever to find out what happened from the high school kids because, well, MAGA hats means they’re the bad guys, right? Of course, liberal activists would never lie to make themselves look good or kids in MAGA hats look bad, right? They’re 100% trustworthy sources? Apparently, the mainstream media thinks so.

Of course, some of us were a little skeptical from the get-go.

Hey, didn’t the mainstream media used to do that? Actually wait to find out the facts and report them rather than just pushing a narrative? Maybe, but that’s certainly not what it does any more. In less than 24 hours, this whole narrative has been annihilated by facts that mainstream media outlets could have easily found out if they had many any effort to be fair whatsoever.

For example, it was the Native American group which approached the students, not vice-versa.

Moreover, it was the Native American who was supposedly bullied, Nathan Phillips who walked quite a ways to get into the student’s face, not vice-versa. Additionally, there were claims that the students were yelling “Build the wall.” That has not been on any tape I have heard. However, this has.

Also, this may come as a shock to the mainstream media, but there actually are two sides to the story and the side told by the students actually has the benefit of being supported by the facts.

If you want to know how the mainstream media, which is supposedly non-partisan and overrun with fact checkers, ended up posting 100% fake news about a bunch of a high school students who have been doxed and threatened with expulsion by their school as a result, it’s easy to understand.

The mainstream media used to be about facts, but now it’s about THE NARRATIVE. The NARRATIVE is what supports the liberal cause or hurts the conservative cause. Oh, there is some kind of confrontation between white, MAGA hat-wearing Catholic kids and a Native American? The NARRATIVE says the kids are the bad guys, probably racist and that we should hate their guts. Hopefully, there are facts that support that, but the facts are secondary to the NARRATIVE.

This same script gets played out endlessly in the media. We see it in police shootings, politics and pretty much every conflict of any sort between a conservative and a liberal. The liberal side gets the assumption of innocence, the benefit of the doubt and the story slanted in its favor at every opportunity while the other side is treated as guilty until proven innocent.

We hear a lot of people in the mainstream media talking about being watchdogs, principles and “freedom of the press,” but that’s big talk for people who mostly peddle propaganda masquerading as news. When the mainstream media gives up the NARRATIVE and starts focusing on reporting facts first, then it will start to deserve some respect.

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