Liberals PUBLICLY CHEER Attack on Teens for Wearing a MAGA HAT

Liberals PUBLICLY CHEER Attack on Teens for Wearing a MAGA HAT

Do you think someone should be punched in the face for wearing a Hillary Clinton t-shirt? Should people who support abortion have drinks thrown on them in restaurants? Should Republicans harass Michelle Obama and her children when they see them in public?

Even though conservatives feel just as strongly about politics as liberals, I would hope the answer to those questions is still “no.” In a country with very divergent political views, we need to be able to live with each other. That means we need places where politics are set aside. That means having a certain amount of tolerance for people with differing views. That means an acceptance that every person who disagrees with you is not a Nazi.

This is a hard concept to grasp for liberals, who seem to be quite literally saying in large numbers that people who openly support Donald Trump deserve to be harassed or even attacked in public.

If you want to see how off the rails the Left has gone on this front, the Kino Jimenez case is a perfect example. Jimenez stole a MAGA hat from a teen at a Whataburger and threw his drink in his face.

Matt Mendrun™@MendrunMatt

Liberal assaults teen by tossing a drink with ice at the kid’s face at a Whataburger in San Antonio. Hunter Richard was eating when Jimenez showed up yelling about and took his hat off his head and yanked some of his hair

This seems to have been an unprovoked attack, although there was an incredibly irresponsible article centered around an ANONYMOUS claim that has already been modified once “due to concerns about the legitimacy of the statements” that the boys were saying all sorts of racist things. In other words, the outlet now thinks the anonymous “witness” may be lying, but it didn’t retract the story. As a starter, no reputable news agency should have made potentially slanderous accusations about high school kids based on an anonymous statement from a lone “witness” that it admits it can’t “independently verify.” (Who knows if the person even lived in the area?) This is doubly true since the video showed there was only one other person in the restaurant when the conflict actually happened and that person left with Jimenez. I mention this accounting of events because people are bringing it up, but given that there is already a question about whether the one anonymous source may have lied, it shouldn’t be treated as a credible story, nor would it excuse Jimenez’s actions even if it were.

Since that incident happened on July 3, Kino Jimenez has been fired from his job, arrested, kicked out of the Texas Green Party and, given the world is how it is, I’m sure he will endure an enormous amount of social media-driven harassment. That being said, if that were all there was to the story, we could all agree that this guy is a creep and he’s being punished, so why not put this in the rearview mirror?

…But this comes on the heels of the Red Hen kicking Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of its establishment and Maxine Waters encouraging people to harass members of the Trump administration in public. If we really want to point out the long trail, we could add in everything from Antifa violence to the shooting of Republicans at a congressional softball game to the Left’s “It’s okay to punch a Nazi” (and everybody who disagrees with us is a Nazi) attack on dirtball Richard Spencer.

Maybe it’s just me (spoiler: it’s not), but this is starting to feel like a trend — as liberals increasingly embrace violence against people who disagree with them. The Kino Jimenez case is ironclad proof of that. That’s not because of what he did, but because many liberals SUPPORT or EXCUSE his absolutely indefensible actions. We’re talking about a grown man who throws a drink on a teen and steals his hat because he disagrees with his support for the man who’s the president of the United States.

There couldn’t be any liberals who are okay with that, could there? Oh, could there indeed. Here’s a tweet from the 16-year-old who put out the video on Twitter, followed by some more from liberals….


P.S.: The GoFundMe account was later deleted.

I could have easily posted four or five times as many Twitter comments, but I think you get the point. I wonder if liberals get the point, though. It is bizarre that liberals seem to believe they can create a world where Republicans are harassed everywhere and people get assaulted for wearing MAGA hats, but that it won’t come back to bite them. Essentially, we’re talking about a bunch of delusional fascists who publicly advocate the idea that people should harass and assault fascists.

As my Kung Fu instructor used to say (yes, really), “The aggressor sets the rules.” I would very much prefer that we live in a country where people can go about their daily lives without having drinks thrown on them or protesters screaming outside their homes because of their political views. However, that is ultimately not my decision or yours. Eventually, people’s actions destroy old norms and create new rules that everyone has to live by. You can have a civil society or you can claim that your mainstream political opponents are Nazis who deserve to be treated as such at every opportunity, but eventually, you have to pick one or the other.

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