Welcome to 2016, the year of #BlackLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter. The hashtag euphemism war has been a growing feud and a strong debate all across social media, all across the world. There are countless Black Lives Matter protests, riots and Facebook pages popping up all over. At the same time, people are protesting and saying that All Lives Matter and we should not single out one race. People are arguing that the coined “#BLM Movement” is one-sided, prejudice and promoting more racial fueled hate.

Candice knight

If you support and say that everyone’s life truly matters and that you should not promote BLM then you are called racist, a redneck, you are told to take your KKK hood off, you are told that you are the problem with the systematic issue and why the world is the way it is. You are cursed at, talked down upon and purely hated for the mere statement “All Lives Matter”. Protestors are spewing hate all through their keyboard for the world to see. Everyone is brave and hateful when a computer screen is doing all the talking.

We are suppose to be a nation of free speech but in reality you are judged, condemned and verbally (even sometimes physically) assaulted for your opinions. As quick as you type your social media status on Facebook supporting all lives, praying for our nation and especially the law enforcement, you are instantly slapped across the face with insults and backlash. Black Lives supporters are going as far as to pry into people’s own personal and business lives and ripping them to shreds simply because of their “ALM” viewpoint. One hospital nurse did a status sharing her opinion on how all lives should matter and how God loves everyone. She quickly got blasted and insulted by one black American after another. They dug into her personal life, home life and professional life and put it all over the internet for her friends and family to see. The protestors, aka once friends and coworkers of hers, even went as far as to mention how they are shocked she is a white nurse in a predominately black hospital and questioned her tactics.

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Law enforcement officers are being brutally and heinously gunned down purely for the job title they possess. Simply for the reason that they decided to take on a job so they can serve and protect, because they chose to wear a badge, they are now walking targets for cowardly killers. These innocent police officers were peacefully protecting citizens and just doing their job. If Black Lives Matter, All Lives Don’t Matter and Police Lives Get Murdered; how is this making the world a better place people? HOW is this helping segregation and racism?

The BLM supporters say you are not suppose to say all lives matter and that you do not truly understand their movement, reasoning and life they live. If you do not support them then you need a history lesson and you are called ignorant. Reading these comments on social media is downright disgusting! Downright pure HATE! BLM screams that black Americans have been treated poorly and negatively judged, but right now I see hate and turmoil on both sides. All Lives supporters say that you should not segregate the world anymore by saying “Black Lives Matter”. So in reality, what ARE we suppose to say? What hash tag is going to be good enough? What is going to make everyone happy?

The answer is… NOTHING. Simply… absolutely… NOTHING! No matter what anybody supports or feels strongly about, nothing will work in today’s society. You will be blasted and ridiculed for your own voice. You may sincerely have a kind, innocent heart and try to make the world happy by saying “can we all just get along and love one another”. Can we all just agree that yes, all lives really do matter? Just be prepared to be attacked, severely attacked, all simply from a computer screen or worse, a traffic-jammed-street-blocked-riot. There is no happy debate, no unison and no joining sides. You cannot say what your heart feels without having cyber bullies knocking down your door.

We have reached a very, very scary and dark time in America. Everyone feels powerful behind their social media outlet with spewing their hate online. Media outlets are sharing one-sided stories fueling hate and racism. We used to all pray for one another (a long, long time ago it seems), we prayed for our country and we blamed the devil for our bad times. Now we blame one another and push the human race further and further apart. Love thy neighbor. Remember that quote?

Repeat after me, “LOVE. THY. NEIGHBOR.”

Today when you go to the store, find a person of the opposite race, any race, smile and tell them “God loves you, have a blessed day”. A lot of people have a scratchy, burning feeling in their throat after saying “blessed” or “God” because God is being pushed out of our country more each and every day. Have you noticed a drastic change in the world? The power of social media has been a severe problem as well. We need God back more now than ever.

People, PLEASE, I BEG of you, stop feuding over which lives matter. This is causing a world of turmoil and I am deathly afraid to be around when that big pot boils over. In the end, LIVES MATTER! Yes, I said it, LIVES MATTER. Your life, my life, your sister’s life, the Hispanic’s life, the neighbor’s life, the Canadian’s life, the homeless man’s life, the police officer’s life, the black American’s life. ALL-OF-OUR-LIVES-MATTER and if we really wanted to bring out history books then there would a whole world of dirt to uncover but we have to move on from the past and create a better future. Do you realize the children and teens experiencing this mess are our future of tomorrow? They are our future leaders, future parents, and future teachers. Everyone was put on this earth to serve a purpose. Everyone put on this earth was created and loved by God. No two people are alike; no two people will share the same viewpoints and guess what? THAT’S OKAY! That’s okay.

What’s not okay is to belittle, bash and bully someone for their God given voice. We are not perfect, we make mistakes, but we CANNOT continue to bully and murder innocent people! Especially LAW ENFORCEMENT! The world has gone mad, literally! Love one another, we may certainly not agree with them, but love them! Pray for them! Hug them! And say out loud proudly, “ALL LIVES MATTER”! Because in the end, they really do people.


Let’s stop the debate, let’s stop the senseless murders.

Stop it right here, right now.

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