Look and Relax

We live in a stressful world, and stress has been identified as a prime health culprit. It reduces productivity and often brings illnesses — including high blood pressure and palpitations of the heart. The experts tell us we should relax, but the question is: how?

You might not be able to relax where you are at the moment, so a short walk to a quiet or secluded spot will put you in position to “slow down” both physically and mentally. If there’s not a quiet spot nearby, you can create one in your mind. Quietly sit in your most comfortable chair, close your eyes and remember the quietest, most serene spot you’ve ever visited.

It could be by a stream or at a mountaintop overlook. Maybe it wasn’t any particular spot but a prayer-filled walk in the woods or a particularly moving experience in a worship service that helps you recall serene feelings. When you enjoy a cozy fire this winter, consider this scene described in “The Friendly Adventurer.”

As you watch the burning logs in an open fireplace, remember what a woodsman said about his campfire:

“Every color or tint to which a tree is exposed during its life glows in the fire when that tree is burned. Look deep into the coals, and you can find the pinks and violets of dawn; the blueness of the sky; the burning brightness of the noonday sun; the angry black of the thundercloud; the crimson of the sunset; the silver radiance of moonlight; and the brilliant transparency of the stars.” Now think about the sunset and the moonlight. My wife and I often sit in our back yard and look across the small lake as the sun sets. It truly is a beautiful, relaxing and comforting sight, which recharges our batteries and makes the rest of the evening most enjoyable.

Message: Take a few moments, and smell the roses. The rest of your body will be glad you did. See you at the top!

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