March for Life Will Be Bigger, More Women-Focused than Women’s March — Will Media Notice?

March for Life Will Be Bigger, More Women-Focused than Women’s March — Will Media Notice?

When it comes to protests, the national mainstream media plays a deceptive numbers game. For instance, the press gave huge coverage to last weekend’s March for Women, which drew a reported 200,000 people protesting the Trump Administration and allegedly proclaimed solidarity with women.


However, the event was not pro-women in the slightest. Its organizers prohibited pro-life women’s groups from sponsoring the event, but included the largest abortion provider in America as a leading sponsor. Furthermore, the “pro-women” narrative was diluted as other left-wing agendas were very prominent, such as one group that encouraged illegal immigrants to protest.

Apparently, pro-life women are not considered real women to these protestors. Yet, some very brave pro-life women did show up with signs, calling for equal rights for unborn women. They were harassed with obscenities by male marchers as feminist organizers ignored these clear bullying attacks.

Many of those marching exhibited signs with vulgar depictions of women’s private parts and containing foul profane language. Aging pop singer Madonna showed up as a speaker and stated that she had considered blowing up the White House.

These inconvenient facts were frequently ignored or brushed over by the mainstream media, which proclaimed the march to be a breathtaking demonstration of American democracy in action. Both cable and network news pundits exuberantly proclaimed the event to be an impressive statement by American women standing in solidarity against the administration they see as an enemy.

Let’s peer slightly into the future to look at another March – the 44th annual March for Life. This event has been held every year since 1973, after the United States Supreme Court issued its Roe v. Wade decision that ushered in an era of unrestrained killing of the unborn. The event regularly draws hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers from states across the republic, and march organizers estimate that this year’s crowd will number over 500,000 protestors.

How will the mainstream media handle this? If past history is any indication, it will either be ignored or treated with little respect and minimal coverage. In the past, major news agencies such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN have virtually ignored the event or, in some cases, trivialized it with stories that under report the attendance numbers.

This year’s March for Life will be an impressive and historical event. Men, women, children, and, yes, even babies, will be in attendance to show solidarity for the most important cause of our lifetime – the battle for the sanctity of human life.

Just as importantly, the pro-life march will include a speech from Kellyanne Conway, a leading woman in American politics who will also be the highest-ranking White House official to ever address the March for Life. And it will not include Planned Parenthood, which in 2016 aborted about one in sixteen girls that would have come out of the womb that year.

This show of solidarity with the most vulnerable of our human family will hopefully inspire us to rise to achieve the ideals that our Founders embedded in our nation. Every human life has been endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights that cannot be legitimately denied by any government. First among these self-evident rights is the right to life. Without this right secured in the law, all other rights are meaningless.

There have been more than 60 million abortions since 1973. At least half of these were on little girls, many who were aborted because they, in fact, were little girls and not little boys. In other words, untold numbers of women could not attend this last march in Washington DC because they were killed by abortion. Where is the media outrage about this blatant discrimination against the little women who reside in the womb?

It is the marchers this week who will be speaking for these lives, as well as for the lives of every human being regardless of skin color, gender, physical condition, or place of residency. The issues being proclaimed by these demonstrators are profound, and their success in turning around the current culture of death in America will ultimately determine the future of our Republic.

Will the main stream media acknowledge these marchers and the message they bring to America in the same way they did with the marchers of last weekend? If history is any indication, this is doubtful. But perhaps because we are living in different times, we might be surprised.

Let us pray that this is so.

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