Media Focus on Trump; Voters Focus on Clinton

While the media love to focus on the perceived “gaffes” and “blunders” of Donald Trump, the voters are increasingly more interested in the unfolding evidence of a pay-for-play bribery scheme at the Clinton Foundation.

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The nature of the scheme became evident earlier this week in a newly released email from Doug Band, President Bill Clinton’s former body man, to Uma Abedin asking her to intervene to set up a meeting between a big Clinton Foundation donor and the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon. The donor, Lebanese businessman Gilbert Chagoury, gave $5 million to the Clinton Foundation and pledged another billion to the Clinton Global Initiative. Pay for play.

In another example, less well-publicized, the country of Algeria donated $400,000 to the Foundation just as Hillary Clinton was pressing, successfully, for completion of an arms deal with Algeria worth more than 100 million dollars.

And in Washington, D.C., a young man who served on the staff of the Democratic National Committee, Seth Rich, was murdered in the street. His wallet, cash, credit cards and watch were not taken. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said, in an interview that the murder showed the “risks” people took to bring information to public view on WikiLeaks, prompting internet speculation that Rich was the source of the leaked Democratic emails that so embarrassed the Clinton campaign on the verge of the Democratic Convention.

The fact is that Trump has been closing the gap with Clinton in the polls. The Los Angeles Times has him only one point behind while Bloomberg has him narrowing her lead from 11 to six points. Rasmussen puts Clinton only three ahead.

The Trump campaign has shed Republican Party establishment types even as Clinton has lost Bernie Sanders voters. The most recent Fox News poll showed eight million Democrats defecting from Clinton even as another eight million Republicans left Trump. This realignment is being billed in the biased media as indicating that Republicans cannot stand Trump!

In this story and in others, the media is playing a game by demeaning Trump’s prospects and running articles that he may drop out of the race despite his recent success. A staff conference between Trump campaign aides and people from the Republican National Committee has been billed as a “come to Jesus” meeting. But Trump won’t even be in attendance — a rare example of religious conversion in absentia!

Donald Trump is alive and could well win in November, confounding his critics.

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