Moderate Muslims are like A-La-Carte Christians

This one may offend some, so for that, I apologize – although not for the content. Most understand what is meant by an a-la-carte Christian. I would venture to say that many Christians world-wide are of the a-la-carte variety.

Brent Smith

For those unfamiliar with the term, an a-la-carte Christian is one who doesn’t adhere entirely to the teachings of Christ – they are not faithful to the Ten Commandments.

Inevitably, most of us Christians have at one time or another failed to live up to those Commandments. But this every once in while human failing is not the definition of an a-la-carte Christian. There is a big difference between slipping up from time to time and making a conscious decision to ignore any Commandment.

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The Ten Commandments is not a take-out menu, where one may simply select one dish and not another. They all called Commandments – not the Ten Suggestions. For this reason, as an example, I would describe any so-called Christian who is pro-abortion as a-la-carte. Sure, he or she doesn’t lie, cheat, steal, etc., but “You shall not murder” is pretty cut and dry – and by the way, the proper wording of the Sixth Commandment is “murder,” not “You shall not kill,” as many have come to believe. Or maybe another description would be, yes I believe in the Christian God, so therefore I am a Christian, but I steal cars for a living. The two just don’t go together.

Being Christian is more than just acknowledging the existence of Christ. A-la-carte Christians may call themselves Christians, but if they don’t at least try to adhere to God’s law, they really aren’t.

Unfortunately the same can be said of Muslims, only for them, it is the flip-side. So-called moderate Muslims can really no more call themselves real followers of Islam and the Prophet than can al-a-carte Christians say the same of their religion.

This is going ruffle a lot of politically correct feathers, but the ones we Westerners describe as radical Islamists actually believe and act in ways more closely aligned to the origin of Islamic teaching, the Prophet Muhammad (Mohamet) and the early Caliphates than do modern “Moderate” Muslims. I wish this were not the case – believe me I do, but facts are what they are and history is what it is. It mustn’t be changed just to make things more palatable to the masses.

As an example, we are told that the persecution and subjugation of Christians by Muslims is not Islam. Yet the facts are that this practice is nothing new, historically quite common and those now doing so are not hijacking the faith. It isn’t radical Islam – it is Islam, as set forth by Muhammad and his followers. Moderate Muslims who choose not to take part in the prejudice and persecution of Christians are not following the lead of the Prophet Muhammad. We are all glad they are not, but this doesn’t change the reality.

It is well known that Muhammad had disdain for the Jewish people, but he also “had such repugnance for the form of the [Christian] cross that he broke everything brought into his house with its figure upon it.”

ISIS is said to be the modern day epitome of radical Islamic evil and is said to have hijacked the religion. They constantly assert that Jesus himself will destroy the cross and follow the Koran. Heck, I’ve seen pictures of ISIS fighters displaying such signs. This is said to be a perversion of Islam, yet Muhammad himself said the same thing, that at the end times, Jesus “would make it a point to break the Cross.”

And following Muhammad, Islamic history is replete with descriptions of Muslims cursing and breaking crosses as well as subjugating Christians. Just four years after the death of Muhammad, prior to the Battle of Yarmuk in 636, Khalid bin al-Walid was set to invade the Byzantine Empire. The “Sword of Allah,” as he was called, “told the Christians that if they wanted peace they must ‘break the cross’ and embrace Islam, or pay jizya [tax] and live in subjugation.” The Byzantines did not comply and opted for war.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

The fact is that Islamic Caliphates of history practiced virtually the same barbarism as the current iteration – executions by means of decapitation were commonplace, capturing and turning Christian women into sex slaves, as well as their use of Taqiyya (lying or deception), which Muhammad himself employed on many occasions to allow his assassins to get close to their targets.

The Islamic State has patterned itself after these early Empires and as such, is a virtual carbon copy of Muhammad’s vision of a true Caliphate.

So if you consider yourself a “moderate” Muslim, I frankly don’t know what you do. I thank you for not buying in to what is today considered radicalism, but what I’ve written is the honest historical truth.

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