Moore Loss Means Republicans Must ‘Fear For Their Political Lives,’ And Other News Agenda Items

Moore Loss Means Republicans Must ‘Fear For Their Political Lives,’ And Other News Agenda Items

All it took for the media to stop viewing Alabamians as a bunch of rednecks was for the media candidate to win an election. Suddenly, journalists began seeing the people of Alabama as enlightened progressives. Staff in the CNN election night studio even cheeredoff-camera when it was announced that Democratic candidate Doug Jones jumped to the lead.

The media treated the victory of Jones over Republican Roy Moore as if it were the end of the conservative world – because of President Trump. “First of all, Donald Trump is political toxin, period,” concluded NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd.

Todd went on to add hyperbole to his hyperbole. “If Trump can’t get a 50 percent job approval in Alabama, if he can’t carry over his candidate in Alabama, every Republican in the country this morning needs to wake up and fear for their political lives.” Notice he left out how nearly the entire American news media wanted to defeat Roy Moore and elect a Democrat.

His sister network MSNBC was agog over the win. MSNBC National Affairs Analyst John Heilemann described the Alabama vote as an “earthquake” and, of course, a “huge repudiation for Donald Trump and the Republican Party.”

CBS was equally subtle. National Correspondent Manuel Bojorquez depicted liberal votersalmost like Moses. “Alabama voters rolled back the political tides yesterday,” he told viewers.

2. It’s Wrong To Knock The FBI, Even When The Agency Deserves It: Have to love that  investigation into Team Trump by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Even liberal Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus admitted the probe has a “Democratic tilt.” Maybe that’s because at least nine of the 17 lawyers working for Mueller have actually contributed to Democrats. Also, journalists sure hated it when Ken Starr investigated President Bill Clinton, but absolutely love this investigation.

The broadcast networks made sure to hide a lot of the negatives from the Mueller investigation, including some damning tweets that make Team Mueller look more like Team Clinton. One the networks skipped talk about an “insurance policy” in case Trump was elected. Other texts from FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have called Trump “awful,” an “idiot” and “loathsome.”

And 2018 is an election year. It will get worse.

3. FCC Nixes Net Neutrality, Liberals Scream: HuffPost led its front page with “GO FCC YOURSELF” over a photo of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai drinking a mega-cup of victory. It followed with the term “uproar,” which sure described the left’s reaction to going back in time all the way to 2015. Except for the liberals who simply threatened to kill Pai for daring to disagree with them.

The Daily Beast attacked evil businesses: “FCC Votes to End Net Neutrality, Let Corporate Greed Run the Internet.” The Nation was even more apocalyptic: “Gutting Net Neutrality Is the Trump Administration’s Most Brutal Blow to Democracy Yet.”

Hollywood chimed in with equally outrageous comments.Actress Alyssa Milano talked about the end of the internet. “FCC #NetNeutality vote is happening right now and you can watch them destroy the internet live with me!” she tweeted.

4. More Top Names Caught In Sexual Misconduct Scandals: The roll call for media figures caught in scandals involving alleged sexual misconduct featured new big names this week, including PBS host Tavis Smiley. His show was suspended by the network for “multiple, credible allegations of conduct that is inconsistent with the values and standards of PBS,” according to Variety.

“The investigation found credible allegations that Smiley had engaged in sexual relationships with multiple subordinates, sources said,” Variety reported. Smiley defended himself strongly, saying: “I have never groped, coerced, or exposed myself inappropriately to any workplace colleague in my entire broadcast career, covering 6 networks over 30 years.”

Smiley wasn’t alone. The New Yorker “severed ties with its leading Washington reporter, Ryan Lizza, on Monday after what the magazine called “improper sexual conduct,” explained The Washington Post. Lizza defended himself and said: “I am dismayed that the New Yorker has decided to characterize a respectful relationship with a woman I dated as somehow inappropriate.”

The NFL Network suspended five on-air personalities, including Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk and one top executive, in the midst of its own sexual misconduct scandal.

Star actress Salma Hayek added her name to the #Metoo roles and made claims against Hollywood powerbroker Harvey Weinstein. In a New York Times op-ed headlined “Harvey Weinstein Is My Monster Too,” Hayek claimed he threatened to kill her and bullied her into doing “a sex scene with another woman.” Weinstein denied the allegations and said he didn’t “recall pressuring Salma to do a gratuitous sex scene with a female costar.”

“Super Size Me” filmmaker Morgan Spurlock admitted he is “part of the problem” and asked “when will they come for me?” Spurlock detailed his problem encounters with women including one where the woman “believed she was raped.”

5. CNN Had Another Bizarre Week: Must be fun being part of CNN’s much-mocked PR team. It’s almost hard to know where to begin. CNN host Anderson Cooper’s phone magically tweeted a vicious comment to the president. Cooper then denied it and said someone had gained access to his account.

The original comment responded to President Trump who noted he “originally endorsed Luther Strange” for the Alabama Senate race. Cooper’s phone then responded: “Oh really? You endorsed him too! Pathetic loser.” Not that anyone at CNN hates Trump that much. Noooooo.

This is the same network that obsessed over the White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ pecan pie and freaked out about Trump drinking Diet Cokes. CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta, D-Prima Donna, as usual made a scene in the presser. It got so bad that Sanders said she wouldn’t take any more questions from him.

Ah, journalism.

Quote Of The Week: I didn’t want this little bit of delusion to be missed. Atlantic Senior Editor David Frum said on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” program that “the worst mistakes that press organizations have made in the coverage of Trump has precisely occurred in their effort – their overzealous effort to be fair to the president.”

Dan Gainor is the Media Research Center’s Vice President for Business and Culture. He writes frequently about media for Fox News Opinion. He can also be contacted on Facebook and Twitter as dangainor.

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