Muslim Refugees Are Pawns of An Extortion Racket

For quite some time others and I have been saying that the flood of refugees into Europe and America was for a variety of reasons, but least among them is the war raging in Syria and Iraq. Yet this is the sole reason given by the left both here and abroad. These poor Muslim refugees are trying to escape the ravages of war. How dare we or the Europeans deny them entry.
Brent Smith
We’ve written countless articles documenting the march of “refugees,” passing countries by as they attempt to reach the richest destination – the nation with the most generous handouts – destinations like Germany, Belgium and Sweden.
But now is there is confirmation of yet another diabolical plot to flood Europe. It’s an extortion scheme cooked up by the nation ofTurkey.
has been taking in Sunni Muslim refugees for close to four years and just recently, over the past year, begun releasing them intoEurope. “The vast majority of the 886,662 migrants who illegally entered Europe this year embarked from Turkey, a little over half of them Syrians who took shelter in the country over the past four years.”
European Union officials have stated that, “Ankara was very effective in previous years in preventing the outflow of refugees from the country.” But Turkish president Erdogan has allowed the flood gates to open.
Even with that, refugees still have to pay for passage into Europe. In years gone by the going price could be as much as $12,000. Now the price has dropped dramatically due to the amount of passengers. In one year the price has dropped from $12,000 to $1250. There are actually shops in Turkey which sell everything from life vests to inner tubes and rafts, not to mention the make-shift factories that have sprung up to produce the shoddy merchandise.
Others are becoming wealthy, hired by smugglers as refugee recruiters. One such recruiter, Ahmed Abdul-Hamid, a Palestinian, claims he can pocket up to $4000 per day.
That’s great for the underground economy, but what does Erdogan get out of opening his borders? He’s looking for money and influence from the Europeans. “Put simply, to extract financial, political, and strategic concessions from European governments in exchange for closing it [his border].” In other words, Erdogan is attempting to extort the Europeans for both money and entry into the EU.
Just two weeks ago, the EU agreed to an “initial” payment of $3.19 billion “to expedite its bid to join the EU in exchange for Turkish promises to better patrol its coastlines.” In other words, pay up and let us in the EU and we’ll close our border.
It’s no different than what Moammar Gadhafi used to do in Libya, as he would open his borders, allowing Africans to pass into Europeand demand payment or other concessions in return for their closing.
Turkish president Erdogan is a supporter of Islamic terrorism and knows full well that some of the “refugees” he’s allowing into Europe and America are killers and doesn’t care. The EU is doing what the EU does – it’s surrendering to extortion and political correctness. In my opinion the EU is basically done and Europemay not be able to recover from the flood of Muslims. 
America cannot allow ourselves to go down this same road. We can’t do much about Turkey’s extortion of the EU, but we sure can suggest they be tossed out of NATO.
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