Muslims and Japanese Have Something in Common

Propaganda can be an effective and deadly tool for true believers. We found this out early in our war against radical Islamists and something that Israel is all too familiar with.

Brent Smith

We are all well aware of what is said to await the martyrs of Islam, the homicide bombers who blow up innocents and themselves – all because they have been convinced of a heavenly reward for doing so.

For us Americans it began on October 23, 1983, when a suicide bomber drove a truck, packed with explosives into the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 241 military personnel.

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So brainwashed are these mind-numbed Islamists that they will do virtually anything they are told. They have been convinced that they must martyr themselves to further the cause. But now they have gone beyond the point of just individualized propaganda and have taken to the masses – ramping up the insanity further – if that’s possible.

In Islamabad Pakistan, a woman, in full Burkha, took to a microphone to make a public pronouncement, which has since gone viral. The woman, identified as Dr Umme-e-Muhammad, told all that the Christians and Jews (she forgot the Hindus) were busy plotting against Muslims.

Since the good doctor spoke in Urdu, I will have to trust that the English translation is accurate. I have no reason to believe otherwise.

As you may be (or not) aware, polio is beginning to mount a comeback in certain parts of the globe. The vaccine, known to be effective and safe was developed by Jonas Salk in 1955. The orally administered vaccine was developed by Albert Sabin and came into commercial use in 1961.

Dr Umme-e-Muhammad, being a doctor, should and probably does know this yet she is claiming the vaccine is poison, forcefully given to Muslim infants under what she calls “medical martial law.” It is the Christians and Jews conspiring to destroy the Muslims and that “Allah has warned us about the nefarious designs of the Zionists and Christians.”

She likened the “Zionists and Christians” to the Egyptian Pharaohs “who used to kill innocent children openly but these worshipers of money on the promises of giving life are selling poison drops and injections.” The good doctor also claims that the “enemies of Muslims are developing such viruses which will be sprayed onto Muslim population so that whole of the inhabitants will become numb,” and that, “There is no guarantee that in the very near future your infants will be taken from you and given to the Jewish and Christian NGOs.”

That’s a pretty serious claim, don’t you think. Yet as ridiculous as it sounds to us, there may be many Muslims who will certainly believe the word of the propagandist doctor before “Zionists and Christians.” I hate to say, but it may get to the point where some would kill their own children rather than subject them to forced poisoning at the hands of evil westerners.

This reminds me a lot of World War II Japan where thousands of military and civilians committed suicide rather than risk capture by the evil Americans.

The battle for Okinawa took in excess of 200,000 lives. Of that, over 188,000 were Japanese soldiers and Okinawan civilians. Whole communities committed suicide together. Okinawan families were given two grenades and instructed by the Japanese military to throw one at the advancing American troops and the other to commit suicide. So convinced were these poor civilians of the Americans evil intent they would kill themselves before risk being captured.

At the battle of Saipan, an American sailor aboard a destroyer recounted: “Being that close to shore we could see those Japanese civilian ladies throw their children off the nearby cliffs and then jump themselves. The Japanese Army told these women if the American Marines caught them they would eat their children. It was pretty horrible watching them jump through binoculars.”

It was Emperor Hirohito who dispatched a personal decree telling the civilians on the island to commit suicide rather than surrender to the American forces. Over 5,000 Japanese military took their own lives, by their own hands or on Kamikaze missions. Only 921 were captured alive.

Propaganda can be a powerful thing when disseminated by those in authority. We saw it in World War II Japan – we’re seeing now by brainwashed jihadis. How long will it be before innocent Muslim civilians are convinced that it would be better for themselves and their children to die by their own hands rather than have their infants taken from them and given to Jews and Christians?

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