Muslims vs Christians – Round Whatever

It’s been the same old song for centuries – Muslims versus Christians. Actually, I suppose more accurately put would be Muslims versus – well, everyone else – Christians, Jews, Hindus, atheists – everyone. No other religion or community can coexist with adherent Muslims.

Brent Smith

But more and more it is the Christians who incur the wrath of Muslims worldwide. It’s almost as if Muslims are trying to purge Christians from the world, particularly the Middle East and the surrounding regions.

Take Pakistan for example. There is a village in that country where the Muslim leadership has issued an ultimatum to all Christians living in Manta Bahauddin’s Chak 44. Heck of a name for a village, I know. And to make matters worse, if that’s possible, the Muslim majority has demanded the immediate surrender of a Christian for the horrific crime of watching a blasphemous video on his phone.

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Naturally the child will stand trial and if found guilty, the youth will be forced to pay a fine and maybe do some community service. To us this still doesn’t exactly sound like reasonable punishment for simply viewing what the Muslim majority deemed as “blasphemous,” but it’s not terrible. True enough – if that’s what is planned for the young man.

Sadly it is not. What is planned is for young Imran Masih to be surrendered to the Muslims, where they will march him out in front of a Christian church and burn him alive. Right there in public. Okay – that is horrific and slightly over-the-top considering the offense, don’t you think? But remember – this is not Islam.

“Members of a local Mosque committee have now reportedly given the villages Christians a number of options to settle the matter. These include handing Masih over to the Muslim community for punishment, migrating from the area or collectively converting to Islam.” Great choices.

The youth has so far been successfully hidden but Christian families have already begun to vacate the village. You may agree that this is a terrible situation for Christians but some would say it’s only one village and these Muslims must surely be extremists, even for Pakistan.

You might think that – but you’d be wrong. Despite the fact, “that Pakistan’s minority communities have proven themselves to be loyal and patriotic citizens,” children in Pakistani public schools are being taught intolerance of all non-Muslim minorities. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has found at least “75 new examples of hatred and intolerance” in Pakistani public school textbooks. They found missing from textbooks, “any references to the rights of religious minorities and their positive contributions to Pakistan’s development.”

One grade 7 textbook describes Englishmen and Hindus as the enemies of Muslims and a grade 8 book teaches students that Hindus would try to destroy the culture, traditions and language of Muslims.

Islamic study is mandatory for all students and, “consequences can be severe for a minority child who fails to pronounce a Quranic verse correctly.”

Again, a Muslim apologist may say, assuming they would even admit the demonstrably provable was happening, that this only occurs in backward countries like Pakistan who are more likely to have Islamic radicals.

To this I say Bunk! All religions have basic tenets of faith. From there they may vary slightly, but not normally on the basics. No matter what corner of the globe one might travel, Christians all have the same basic beliefs – as do Jews, Hindus, etc. yet somehow when it comes to Muslims, this strangely doesn’t apply, nor is it pointed out.

Every excuse in the world is given for abhorrent behavior by individual Muslims, whole communities or entire nations. The refrain is always, “this is not Islam.”

Time after time examples like these are brought to the fore yet still we are told Islam is not the problem. When no other religion breeds this type of hatred, I can say with relative ease – yeah it is a problem.

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