No Professor – The Nazis Killed the Polish Jews!

So your dream is to send your son or daughter off to an esteemed Ivy League School, where they may receive a superior education and be imparted the knowledge that other colleges just can’t offer.
Brent Smith
Well, maybe you should twice about that. Especially if they decide to take a history class taught by professor Jan Gross at PrincetonUniversity.
He is a well established Polish-American educator who has also taught at Yale, NYU and in Paris. He also received the Order of Merit from the Polish Government in 1996.
But he may be stripped of that title due a an angry article he wrote in a German Newspaper, Die Welt, where he claimed that the Poles killed more Jews during WWII than did the Nazis.
And why would he claim such a thing? It’s because Poland refuses thus far to swing open its doors to Middle Eastern “refugees” the wayGermany has. So the professor has determined to make them pay for that decision – even going so far as to say the “hideous face of Poles had roots in the past.”
So let’s just see who killed all those Poles during World War II.
Approximately 6 million Poles were killed in World War II by the Nazis and Stalin’s Soviet Union. That was about 20% of their entire pre-war population – 3 million Polish Jews and about the same amount of Christians. To put it in perspective, that’s approximately 64 million present day Americans.
Most were civilian and most occurred during the occupation. Recall that in 1939 Poland was virtually bisected, with the western half controlled by Nazi Germany and the eastern by the Soviets under their non-aggression pact.
The Germans had no love for the Poles. Heinrich Himmler even wrote that, “All Poles will disappear from the world… It is essential that the great German people should consider it as its major task to destroy all Poles.” This animosity, at least in part, may have been due to a deep seated resentment that a lot of Germans who supported Hitler had over the post-World War I Treaty of Versailles, where Poland received the former German provinces of West Prussia, Poznan, and Upper Silesia.
In an effort to Germanize the Polish population, Himmler used the areas around Krakow and Warsaw, in the center of the nation, as a “dumping ground” for unwanted or unworthy non-Jewish Poles. The Nazis would go house by house, burst in from all sides, ransack the place, confiscate any and all valuables, and force the homeowners out. Then hundreds of thousands of these unwanted people were stuffed into train boxcars, where they were transported west and south to remote areas and dumped in open fields. They were given no food or water and no means of survival. The zone, controlled by Germany, between Nazi annexed Poland and the Soviet territory was known as the “General Government.”
And then it was on to the Jews. During the Nazi invasion of Poland, Nazi Special Units, the “Einsatzgruppen,” murdered thousands of Polish Jews, but they didn’t get close to finishing the job.
The Polish Jews were rounded up and shipped off to live in putrid ghettos, like the one in Lodz. But these ghettos, unbeknownst to their occupants, were merely holding areas. At that point there was no “final solution,” as Himmler, in 1940, wrote: “I hope to see the term ‘Jew’ completely eliminated through the possibility of some large scale emigration of all Jews to Africa or some other Colony.” The passage was part of a document Himmler crafted for Hitler entitled: “Some Thoughts on the Treatment of the Alien Population of the East.”
Of course we know this did not happen, as millions of Polish Jews were eventually transported to death camps such as Auschwitz, Chelmno, Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, Birkenau and Majdanek, to be exterminated. That’s who killed all the Jews…and Christians! 
But apparently this is what passes for a modern day Ivy League caliber history professor. Some old leftist fool who is so spiteful over his home country’s refusal to be willingly overrun by Muslim “refugees,” that he would concoct a ridiculous lie. What a putz!
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