Not A Shocker: The Food Stamp President Loves Welfare, Too

In yet another attempt to seduce more Americans into dependence on: government, the Obama Administration is: waiving the work requirements: for welfare.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius sent: an “information memorandum” to states this afternoon exercising waiver: authority under the Social Security Act for the provision that “parents and: caretakers receiving assistance under the [Temporary Assistance for Needy: Families (TANF)] program engage in work activities.”

“HHS is encouraging states to consider new, more effective ways to meet the: goals of TANF, particularly helping parents successfully prepare for, find, and: retain employment,” the memo said, adding that the goal of the waiver is “to: allow states to test alternative and innovative strategies, policies, and procedures: that are designed to improve employment outcomes for needy families.”

….“President Obama just tore up a basic foundation of the welfare contract,”: said Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). “In exchange: for taxpayer-funded TANF payments, the law calls on able-bodied adults to work,: look for work, take classes, or undergo drug and alcohol counseling. It’s the tough: love that gives people motivation to help themselves.”

Is there any President in American history, including Nixon, who has shown less: respect for the law? Have we ever had a President, including Carter, who made: such a show of being utterly indifferent about whether our tax dollars are well: spent? Has there ever been a man less qualified to handle the presidency than: the one who currently occupies the White House? Barack Obama isn’t just a bad: President; he is the single, worst President in the history of the United States.

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