Now, We Must Send Troops

The attacks in Paris reflect what happens when a terrorist gang takes over a country. Just as with al-Qaida and the Taliban, if you put a nation at the disposal of fanatical terrorists, major acts of terrorism become almost inevitable.

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A terror gang is like an HIV virus. It swims into our bloodstreams, doing no particular damage. But when it latches onto a cell and takes over its DNA, it multiplies and becomes full-blown symptomatic AIDS. Likewise, a terror gang, hopping from village to village, cannot do more than inflict local terrorism on those in its path. But let it control a nation state — like Afghanistan before 9/11, or large swaths of Iraq and Syria — and it uses the resources it now has to mount a major attack like the attack in Paris. It uses the land area, the population, the military, the tax and oil revenues and the military equipment it has conquered to strike.

Now, after having let ISIS build up, refusing to keep a military presence in Iraq after we left and only annoying the terrorists with limited air strikes, we must send in ground troops.

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Hopefully, France will make a major contribution, but all of the western nations must act. We need to send upwards of 100,000 troops– from all nations combined — to end ISIS.

This need not be a U.S. led invasion. France has resources of its own and, with supplementary troops from the US, Germany, Britain and the European Union, it should be able to do the job. It makes no difference for French President Hollande to “declare war against ISIS.” He — and we — need to attack and kill it.

After the Paris attacks, a third war in the region is now inevitable and necessary. We cannot let this cancer grow and expand its capacity to wreak havoc. The stakes are just too great.

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