Obama Dribbles From Mandate to Man Date

In the heat of the Democrats’ “We Love Women” campaign, the White House took a detour to testosterone land Tuesday. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron left their wives behind in Washington as they took a road trip — well, on Air Force One — to catch a men’s tournament basketball game in Dayton, Ohio.

The teams that played Tuesday night — Mississippi Valley State and Western Kentucky — were all-male.

Now, all-male was a no-no for a House panel on the Obama administration’s decision to force church-based organizations to provide employees with birth control in violation of their deeply held beliefs. But sports are different from politics, right?

Though religion isn’t.

Democrats wear their charge of a Republican “War on Women” as an accessory. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was furious that an all-male panel testified about church views on the Obama mandate about birth control. She didn’t have to worry about her husband’s being a member of the Bohemian Club, which does not admit female members — although women can work in the kitchen — because she’s a Democrat.

It’s the same in the Oval Office. One month the White House snickers about an overly male GOP’s not backing its birth control mandate. But Obamadom doesn’t want to seem too metrosexual, so the president jumped from mandate to “man date.”

Having played the war-on-women card like a shark, Obama now plays the man card. As if they were in a buddy movie, the world leaders headed off to a swing state, where they granted an exclusive interview to sports broadcaster Clark Kellogg.

Not that there were no women around. The Associated Press reported, “Early in the first half, two young women arrived with hot dogs for both leaders, along with a bottle of water for Obama and a Coke for Cameron, who spread ketchup on his hot dog.”

The handlers didn’t just man up the president by serving up wieners. At Wednesday night’s state dinner, the White House dished up “bison Wellington” for the main course. What next, rodeo?

Anything could happen. By hyping a phony threat to women’s “access” to birth control — it’s phony because women (SET ITAL) have (END ITAL) access to birth control — the administration no doubt scared up some female voters. Mission accomplished. Now the boys can go back to being boys.

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