Obama: Not Even As Popular As Michael Dukakis

Obama: Not Even As Popular As Michael Dukakis

Despite all the rhetoric you hear about Barack Obama being ahead in the horse race with Mitt Romney, B.O. is actually doing rather poorly. This early in the campaign season, with an incumbent who’s as universally known as Barack Obama, the key thing to watch is whether he’s over the magical 50% mark in the key states he needs to win.

If Obama is south of that number, it’s a big problem for him because it: <ahref=”https://rightwingnews.com/election-2012/the-romney-campaign-so-far-is-very-so-so-but-still/” target=”_top”>means the voters are familiar with him and are looking for an excuse to vote for someone else.

When you look at polls of likely voters, as opposed to registered voters (which aren’t as accurate) and adults (which inevitably slant towards the Democrats by several points), Mitt is right where he needs to be right now not just in the key states Bush had to win in 2004, but in states like Michigan (16), Pennsylvania (20), Wisconsin (10), and Oregon (7). What that means is that the potential exists for Mitt to win a victory over Obama that is every bit as large as the one Obama achieved over McCain in 2008.

Just how bad are Barack Obama’s numbers? Well, Jay Cost has: compared Obama’s numbers to those of Michael Dukakis, who, as you’ll remember, only won 11 states in 1988.

When everybody in America is already familiar with your performance and your numbers are lagging behind a guy who was thrashed 426-111 in the electoral college, your campaign is in more trouble than the cast of Jersey Shore at a Spelling Bee.

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