Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Problem


Why would President Obama support the Muslim Brotherhood while Gulf States including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates support the military over the champions of Sharia law?

Rick Jensen

In The Guardian, David Hearst makes the case for Saudi King Abdullah supporting the military rule, citing evidence that the Saudi monarch fears a growing popularity for the Muslim Brotherhood in his own country. This combination of democratic elections (albeit undermined by President Morsi’s executive declarations and political persecutions) and radical Islam could undermine the king’s legitimacy.

The king does not want another group representing Islam in his country. He was already angry that the American President supported the uprising against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Saudi Arabia’s closest regional ally.

And why would President Obama so readily embrace the uprising and now the Sharia-based Muslim Brotherhood?

First, the Arab Spring uprisings smelled like revolution for democracy, sending gleeful chills up the spine of every community organizer. Unfortunately, only the Muslim Brotherhood was prepared to take political advantage it.

Or, perhaps, it was the military.

Numerous reports from the Middle East tell of ballot box tampering by the military, led by the Supreme Council of the Amred Forces, “SCAF,” as outlined in a National Review piece by Daniel Pipes, entitled, “Did Morsi Really Win the Egyptian Presidency?”

Sources quoted say, “Not so much.”

Perhaps Morsi didn’t play well with the military. Again, if so, why would the American President take the side of the radical Islamists while they play along with the military?

Why join together with a group that promotes a “Day of Rage” that produces nothing but blood in the streets?

As Jay Sekulow reported for Fox News in June, “…the White House has decided to increase its support for the Muslim Brotherhood.”

This, as Jay notes from the New York Times, comes along with “the rise of blasphemy prosecutions since Morsi took power.” “…Egyptian courts have sentenced a writer to 5 years in prison for allegedly promoting atheism, sentenced a lawyer to a year in prison for allegedly insulting Islam in a private conversation, and fined a Christian schoolteacher $14,000 for allegedly insulting Mohammed in her classroom.”

Jay also reports Secretary of State John Kerry “formerly waived – on national security grounds – statutory requirements that he certify that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government was ‘implementing policies to protect freedom of expression, association and religion and due process of law’ before providing additional military aid.”

Obama and Kerry gave waivers to a regime that forced detained female activists to undergo virginity tests, increased torture dramatically from the previous administration, prosecuted human rights activists, and appointed a leader of a group known as Gamaa Islamiya to be governor of Luxor, a popular ancient city where, in 1997, nearly 60 tourists were slaughtered and disemboweled by the Gamaa Islamiya.

All of this is in addition to even more bloodshed and issuing an executive order preventing any court from overturning his decisions.

For those of us who are masters of the obvious, this means President Obama, who rails against human rights violations, simply shrugs at the human rights violations by the Muslim Brotherhood.


The Taliban taught us radical regimes matter to America.

Former Representative Allen West believes the administration has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. “We do have Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups and individuals infiltrated into this current Obama administration. This is serious.”

Many analysts believe the President’s Egypt policy is simply “incoherent.”

Some believe there isn’t much he can do, including himself.

A few days ago, President Obama left the Martha’s Vineyard golf course briefly to tell us there’s not much we can do about Egypt.

Yet in 2011, President Obama was able to compel the Egyptian military to resist firing on protesters against Hosni Mubarak and successfully encourage Mubarak to step down, leaving the vacuum for the Muslim Brotherhood to fill.

Maybe that’s what Egypt’s military wanted.

Why does President Obama want it?

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