Oh Boy, It’s April 15th!

Mitt Romney’s quote about 47% of Americans voting for Obama because they’re dependent was inelegantly phrased, but it expressed a truth that’s being ignored by far too many Americans; When you steal from Peter to pay Paul, Paul isn’t likely to get too upset about the whole arrangement…and, buddy,: we have A LOT of “Pauls” in our society.

“For well more than one of every three Americans, April 15th isn’t tax payment day, it’s payday from Uncle Sam.”

So writes Stephen Moore in his latest book, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?, after analyzing who pays federal income taxes and who receives tax credits from the government.

In the book, published last week, Moore explores the relationship between the federal government’s tax policy, income distribution, opportunity, and fairness.

Moore notes that “the bottom 40 percent of income earners as a group paid no federal income taxes” in 2007. “Instead, they received net payments from the income tax system equal to 3.8 percent of all federal income taxes.”

In theory, this country is a republic. However, in practice, our constitutional protections have eroded to such an extent that the old saying, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch,” is becoming much more applicable to our country than most of us would like to admit.

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