One College is Fighting Back Against White Privilege

Most Americans, save for the various teachers unions, complain about the pitiful state of public education in our country. The Left complains about the lack of funding – too much is apparently still not enough – and the Right complains of oppressive regulation.
Brent Smith
Education used to be a relatively straight forward and easy process. It was reading, writing and arithmetic, with maybe a little history, the Constitution and some Latin thrown in for context. Kids learned what they needed to advance to the next level.
Then progressives got a hold of education and it all went to crap. And every year that goes by it get’s a little worse – kids become less educated in the things they may actually need. It’s gotten so bad that your average college senior probably could not pass an Eighth grade exam from the turn of last century (late 19th century to early 20th).
Education, particularly higher education, has been ruined by progressives and political correctness. Today, it’s appears more important to teach kids to get in touch with their feelings than be able to properly draft a letter or speak the King’s English.
And there is a reason why we shouldn’t learn the “King’s” English. That would be racist, being that English kings have always been white, thus would promote white privilege.
Thankfully at least one college is doing something about this. Portland Community College (PCC) in Portland Oregon (where else) “has designated April ‘Whiteness History Month’” Yes, that’s “Whiteness” history, not “White” history. But don’t be confused. It’s not celebratory like Black History month or twisted gender Tuesdays (I made that one up – I think). No – celebrating whiteness would just be wrong.
Evidently since the “1970s Black History Month and other heritage months were nationally and internationally recognized. Yet, the history of whiteness has largely been unexamined.”  See, there is no heritage in being white and thus cannot be celebrated.
According to the PCC website, “The construction of the white identity is a brilliant piece of social engineering,” so “the project seeks to inspire innovative and practical solutions to community issues and social problems that stem from racism.” Because to be white is to be racist. I guess it’s in our DNA or something.
This all came about as a result of the “Cascade Campus Diversity Council,” which apparently discovered that, “evidence from hiring data, student-¬led research, surveys, focus groups, college-wide emails, and other sources have illuminated the underlying reality of whiteness embedded in the overall college climate.”
You may ask, what exactly is “Whiteness?” The experts at PCC tell us that it has “a long history in European imperialism and epistemologies.” That is doesn’t merely have to with skin color. Oh no – it’s much more, as you might expect. Whiteness “results in the unequal distribution of power and privilege based on skin color” and “represents a position of power where the power holder defines social categories and reality—the master narrator.”
So we have all the negative buzz-words attached to “Whiteness.” There’s of course racism, power, privilege, the “master” narrator and of course Obama’s favorite bugaboo, European imperialism. Man – we really do suck don’t we.
You may also ask –hey – I’m a guilty white liberal – how can I get involved in the denigration of my own race? Well, as luck would have it, you have until February 1 for “those who wish to “get engaged” by hosting a lecture, guest speaker, panel, film screening, discussion, art exhibit, or class field trip to local art or history museums.” Although I didn’t see it advertised, I’m sure there will be a time set aside for throwing rocks and bottles at white cops.
And finally you may be asking – what’s the point of all this? Well, “the school challenges students to explore the meaning and history of whiteness, specifically how it ‘[emerged] from a legacy of imperialism, conquest, colonialism, and the American enterprise,’” and “to consider ‘alternatives to a culture of white supremacy … approaches and strategies to dismantling whiteness … [and] the roles and responsibilities of white people and people of color in dismantling whiteness.’”
The fact that America is none of those things is of little concern to the race hustlers who promote this hatred. Without all those white “colonialists,” there would be no America for you all to sit back in the safety of your colleges and universities and collect your fat salary from all us racist taxpayers. If you really want to have an impact on these kids, try teaching them something useful, like maybe how to read, write and add. 
It’s ironic how these same folks can whine about Whiteness, but when someone like Rachael Dolezal rejects her “Whiteness” in favor of blackness, you all treat her like a heretic. Whitey just can’t win!
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